What I won – Check out my July 2017 wins

What I won – Check out my July 2017 wins

It’s the start of another month, which means yet another review of another month of comping!   For those of you that are new to the blog I’m a comper.  You can read more about my comping and why I do it here.  But the short story is that after having to quit work due to keep up with my sons additional needs I needed to find something that meant we could still afford the nicer things in life!

This month I had a flurry of wins at the beginning and the end.  After the success of last month and also the time I spent putting my first in a series of blog posts about finding low entry comps together I ended up having a break from my usual comping routine in the middle of the month.  Despite this I still had some great wins.  This is partly thanks to Mr Glam & Geeky who has been entering a few more competitions recently!

2 tickets to Champagne afternoon tea at the O2

This competition was found using Tweetdeck.  Emirates Cable car was celebrating their birthday and there were lots of O2 related prizes available.  Both husband and I decided to enter all of them.  I was really hoping we’d win tickets for Up at the O2 which we didn’t. But Dan did manage to win us a lovely afternoon tea at the O2 instead.  Entry was a RT to win.

6 x Sky Sports TV Day Pass

I known many of my comping friends win lists this month will probably feature at least one sky sports pass!  There is currently a brilliant daily scan to win competition that is being ran by Carling.  You simply scan your can of Carling into an app and see if you are a winner.  There are lots of prizes available for this one.  If you want to know more then check out legendary comper Di Cokes blog post all about it.

Years supply of a mystery product and £200

This is Mr Glam & Geeky’s win,  I’m still not allowed to post full details about it but I will be able to soon!  It’s such a great story it will have its own blog post when I can finally talk about it!

UPDATE SEPTEMBER 2017: Full details can be read here!

4 tickets to the Blackheath Food Festival

I’d seen that the Foodies Festival was coming to Blackheath so set out to win tickets.  I simply searched on twitter for “foodies festival win tickets” and looked at the most recent results.  Up came a tweet from The Foraging Fox saying they had lots to give away over on their Facebook page.  I had to like their page and like and comment on their post.  The next day I was informed we were being given 4 tickets.  This was very low entry and I think they had less entries than they had tickets to give away.  Whilst I was there I made sure I stopped by the promoters stand to take a picture and pop it on their Facebook to say thank you.

Vitamix S30 blender and £50 waitrose giftcard

This was a really excellent win from Simply Health in their monthly prize draw.  I would have entered this most likely via competition database.  This competition would have been very high entry but you have to be in it to win it, and sometimes entering high entry competitions pay off.  I can’t believe how much these blenders cost.  I would never purchase one with this price tag on it.  It was however much needed as I managed to blow up my blender only the week before I won this one!

4 pack of Carling

Another win from the Carling app that I mentioned earlier.

Wimbledon Official Balls

I entered lots of competitions throughout this month in an attempt to win tickets to Wimbledon.  No such luck for me but I did win 2 packs of Official Wimbledon tennis balls from the daily Slazenger Wimbledon competition that was running.

£25 Go Outdoors Voucher

I found this fab little competition using Tweetdeck.  There were barely any entries the week I entered which meant winning was very easy!  You had to submit a picture or a video of a car road trip you have taken and put on twitter with the #GoRoadTrip hashtag.  There is a weekly prize of a £25 Go Outdoors voucher – but everyone who enters will be entered into their prize draw for a £500 Go Outdoors voucher.  I’m keeping everything crossed for this one as we’ve been trying to win a tent big enough for all of us for over a year now!

Case of Mateus Rose x 2!

Remember I won tickets to the Foodies Festival?  Well whilst we were there we found some more competitions to enter.  Mateus had a fun competiton where you picked up a special filter from their stand and you had to take a picture of some food using the filter.  There were less entries than prizes with his one.  Most people failed to read the instructions and took pictures of themself instead of food.  Both my husband and I won a case of Mateus Rose each.

Sterling Silver Dew Drop Ring

This was a quick and easy RT to win I found on Twitter.  Looking forward to getting some new jewellery.

Marc Jacobs Gift Set

Instagram is still my weakness when it comes to finding competitions.  I can find them if they are also advertised on twitter as they then come up in my tweetdeck search!  This comp however was found beacuse my lovely friend Hannah tagged me in it a couple of hours before closing.  It was with Hogies online and I simply had to like and comment.  I was able to pick what ever gift set I wanted so went for this really nice Marc Jacobs Daisy one.

Churchill Golf Umbrella

Another tag from another fabulous comping friend (this time Emma).  Quite looking forward to getting my Churchill umbrella so I can walk around saying “Oh Yes!” whilst I use it.  There were about 1000 umbrellas being given away I think.  Entry was like and comment.

AEG Fridge Freezer

Remember a few months ago I said I’d won quite a big prize but it kind of wasn’t a prize and couldn’t talk about it until it was confirmed?  Well I can finally reveal what I was talking about.  AO.com do lots of competitions to win appliances in return for a review, but did you know you can also apply directly to AO.com to be a reviewer for them?

I’d seen my friend Emma bag herself a brand new Dyson cleaner a few months ago so decided if I could do the same.  I however needed a new fridge freezer as mine was slowly dying.  After a quick chat with Emma about what I thought I could do  I made a quick review of my current rubbish fridge freezer and sent it to AO.com. In my email I just asked I could be considered to review for them.  About a week later I got an email back saying they would like me to review a brand new £872 AEG fridge freezer for them!!

unfortunately this item was currently out of stock so they would put my name down and let me know when it came back into stock.  I hadn’t heard for a while to decided to check myself to see if the item was back in stock – which it was.  A friendly email was sent asking them if they had it back in stock and within the day I had a delivery booked.  Whilst typing out my blog post I’ve taken delivery of my new fridge freezer and it looks great.  I have to do a video review within 7 days of receiving it but I then get to keep the appliance afterwards.

Fidget Spinner

Sunny D was running a competition where if they got enough likes they would give away a years supply of Sunny D and some hight street vouchers.  They didn’t get enough likes so they gave away soe fidget spinners instead and I was one of the winners.

A Dozen Krispy Kreme Donuts

Krispy Kreme are celebrating their birthday and giving away lots of donuts.  Simply upload a group picture of people smiling  with the hashtag #80YearsOfSmiles.  There are 35 boxes to give away across each on their Twitter and Instagram accounts (15 on Twitter and 20 on Instagram).  This one doesn’t end until 31st August so make sure you give it a go.  I don’t think they’re even getting that many entries so your chances of winning are very high.

Ambrosia Custard Phone Case

I am pleased to say I finally won in the monthly Ambrosia competition!  I don’t even remember what picture I entered.  But I can tell you I won a custard phone case.  Seeing as my children would destroy my iphone in the case I’ve been sent it is being saved for emergency case use only.  I’ll be entering again next month in the hope of winning one of the bigger prizes.  You can find out more details of this competition here.

A Pair of Star Wars identity tickets and 2 River Roamer tickets

My comping friends have been so great this month.  Another tag from a comping friend (thank you Davina) meant I was able to enter a low entry competition from Thames Clipper on Facebook.  It was a simple like and comment.  As it was a prize we really wanted both husband and I entered – low and behold Mr Glam & Geeky won bagging us 2 tickets to the Star Wars identity exhibit before it closes, as well as 2 Thames clipper river roamer passes.

PJ Masks Gecko Dress up costume

My last win of the month was a surprise one!  A parcel arrived addressed to Brooke.   I knew it was likely a magazine competition win.  As it’s the 6 week holidays and we can’t really leave the house when it’s just me on my own with the 3 children (logistics nightmare with a wheelchair and pushchair and barely anywhere has toilets that I could put them all in at the same time if someone needs to go) any kids prizes we win are being opened and played with straight away as opposed to saved for birthdays or christmas.  Brooke loves PJ masks so was thrilled to be the owner of a Gecko costume!

A Chewbacca Notepad

On the last day of this month (my birthday!) I won a fab Chewbecca furry notepad from SuperDan reviews on Facebook.  I also have the matching pencil-case of this already at home so really looking forward to receiving it!

On the last day of the month I also had an email and then a special telephone call to tell me I have been shortlisted for a rather awesome prize.  I hope to be able to post more details about this one next month.  In the meantime I’m keeping my fingers crossed as it’s down to 6 entrants.

A special Thank you to my friends

Quite a few of my prizes this month were directly as a result from being tagged or mentioned by my friends to me.  Having a group of comping friends who understand the hobby and are as mad about it as I am is fantastic.  I can’t recommend enough getting yourself some comping buddies and sharing hints and tips together.  It’s equally important that you return the favour and tag them in competitions that you think they might like too!  I get a real kick out of seeing my friends win a prize that I tagged them in.

On to August

Stay up to date with the blog this month as I will be adding the second part of my series about finding low entry competitions. Specifically these lessons will be leading up to how to use Tweetdeck.  Feel free to follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to stay up to date.  If you’d like to see more blog posts like this then go and check out Dani’s wins this month over at “They Said She Couldn’t..So She Did”  I’ll be linking to a different bloggers winning blog post every month to share the comping love!  Good luck for August everyone 🙂





  1. Emma Gough
    August 1, 2017 / 12:43 pm

    Another great month of super wins! Gotta love a prize from a prize 🙂 I’m well Jel of that umbrella, crossing fingers they run another comp. I’m going do a Churchill impression if they do!! lol congratulations to the Mr and Mrs Glam and Geeky xxx

    • August 1, 2017 / 12:47 pm

      Ahhh feel gutted you didn’t get one now as you tagged me in the comp!! I bet they do another giveaway xx

  2. August 1, 2017 / 3:21 pm

    Great month! I was keeping my fingers crossed for a Churchill umbrella as well- isn’t it funny how it’s sometimes the silly little prizes that you want to win 😂

    • August 1, 2017 / 3:22 pm

      I’m gonna get that coveted fish slice by the end of the year!

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