What I Won – Check Out My October 2017 Unboxing

What I Won – Check Out My October 2017 Unboxing

It’s the start of another month, which means yet another review of another month of comping!   For those of you that are new to the blog I’m a comper.  You can read more about my comping and why I do it here.  But the short story is that after having to quit work due to keep up with my sons additional needs I needed to find something that meant we could still afford the nicer things in life!

what i won - october 2017 unboxing
keeping up with new format I’ve filmed an unboxing as well as written for a blog post (for all those bits I forgot to talk about in the unboxing!).  This month saw me unbox rough £2200 worth of prizes.  One prize received was so big it wasn’t even in a box!  So watch the video below or skip down to the blog post to find out what i won, and how I won it!

A Months Supply Of Eylure Lashes

I love fake eyelashes! Eylure were running a competition to win a months supply by telling them on your Facebook what your favorite lash from them was.  I posted a picture of me wearing my best 101 lashes from them and was selected as their winner.  I cam across this whilst I was scrolling through my new feed.

Overwatch Collectors Edition PC

In September we had a great family day out to EGX with everyone.  Most big conventions or events like this have several competitions running.  HP was running one to win an Omen Gaming laptop.  To enter you had to take a picture of yourself with the overwatch statue, tweet with the competition hashtag as well as show them what HP Omen computer you liked the look of.   After we had left for the day I got a DM on Twitter saying to come to the stand as I had won a spot prize!  I explained we had already left due to the travel time (and having 5 kids), and the lovely people at HP offered to post it to me instead.

5 Minute Journal

I love this journal.  It’s encouraged me to become so much more mindful by filling it out everyday.  I found this with a quick twitter search looking for competitions closing soon.  Only a simple RT to enter.  It was very low entry and the Five Minute Journal twitter account are still doing regular giveaways for them.

Naked Noodles

A like and comment on Facebook.  The cost of the postage exceeded that of the prize of one pot of noodles!

30 day supply of Clear Step Proactiv.  I found this by searching for Instagram competitions on Twitter.  You had to like and comment to enter with a prize draw to select the winner

Gerber Survival Kit

Another RT to win competition I found by searching for competitions closing soon.  A fab kit with lots of useful bits for my step daughter when she does her Duke of Edinburgh hikes.

This Works Sleep Duo

This works weekly RT to win competition on Twitter.  The candle smells divine!

4 Tickets to the Discover Dogs Show

These turned up in the post out of the blue addressed to Brooke.  I’m not even sure where I entered the competition from.  As kids under 8 went free we were able to take all 5 of kids for a great family day out.

A Pevonia hair care set

Pevonia were running a RT to win with 10 lucky dip winners.  I was selected as a winner but to announce winners they put up a picture of the twitter handles.  I only found out I was a winner thanks to a someone posting in a winners announcement group on Facebook.  A lovely lady called Kaz then tagged me to let me know I’d been announced as a winner.

Evolt Pulse Electric Bike

Yep you read that right an electric bike!  Energizer batteries had a purchase necessary comp running a while back where you had to buy batteries to enter their prize draw.  I entered the maximum number of times I could but didn’t win.  Whilst scrolling my Facebook news feed I saw that they had one last bike to giveaway on their Facebook.  To enter you had to like and comment with the answer to their question.  As the competition was a prize draw with lots of entries so I was super excited when I received a PM from them to day I was the winner.

The bike goes so fast it’s a on the scary side when you open up the full throttle.  I have discovered one small issue though with my prize.  Even with the seat in the lowest possible position I cannot simply stop and lean to touch the floor.  Being so vertically challenged is unfortunate at times.  It’s still safe enough for me to ride off road though as long as I’m prepared to jump off it fully when I stop the bike!

Burgon & Ball Gardening Kit

This was a lovely win from the monthly Waitrose competitions.  Each month Waitrose run a number of purchase necessary and no purchase necessary comps.  This took a little while to arrive but it’s going to make a fab present for someone I know who has an allotment

Guiness Book Of Records Goody Bag

One of my comping friends told me about this competition (thanks Suzie!).  It was ran by Waterstones on Twitter and you had to show them your insane hairstyles.  I had the perfect photo to enter this from a previous (failed) competition entry.  Only 4 people in total entered and of those four only 2 (me and another entrant) actually met the comeptition criteria.

Ninjago Bedding Set

A fab win to put towards Christmas.  Character World on Instagram ran a like and comment competition to win a Ninjago movie duvet, fleece blanket and cushion.

Fashionista Barbie

Barbie in conjunction with Tesco’s were asking you submit your pictures, stories or videos about what Barbie inspires you to be hen you’re older.  There were so many prizes available for this one I was fairly sure we would be lucky enough to win one.  Brooke submitted a video about how she wants to be an interior designer and Barbie will help by building houses!  Brooke was selected at random to win Barbie doll.  There were so many prizes available for this one I was fairly sure we would be lucky enough to win one.

Captain Birdseye Soft Toy

There are 1000s of these available when you buy Birdseye Fish fingers.  I however won mine with a one day Facebook competition.  Birdseye wanted to see your limited time Captain Birdseye Snapchat filter photos.  I was randomly selected to win.

Halloween Trend Outfit

This was a lovely win from Glamorous.com on Twitter.  Again I found this by searching for competitions closing soon on Twitter.  To enter you had to reply with an emoji that related to your favorite Halloween trend look.  I was chosen as the winner and got to choose an entire outfit from there Halloween trend section of the website – shoes included!

MCM ComicCon Tickets

We loved attending Comiccon earlier this year and I was determined to win tickets to it’s revisit to London this month.  I set up a Tweetdeck search and checked everyday from the beginning of October to find competitions.  The first two competitions that I found I was lucky enough to win.  The first from Oribital Comics on Twitter.  This was a creative entry where they wanted to know what else MCM should stand for.  My answer was ‘Magnificent Cosplay Meetup’.  I was selected as one of the winners and bagged myself a priority entry ticket.

The second competition I found was with Mega City Comics.  This was ran across all platforms and was a prize draw to win two tickets.  My name was pulled out of the hat and I got another two priority entry tickets.  This was perfect as we decided to go on the Friday.  Both Harper and Brooke got entry for free and the three tickets paid for Me, husband and Chase to attend Comiccon.

Glamglow Power Ranger Gravity Mud Mask

Remember me mentioning that there was always competitions at conventions?  MCM Comiccon was no exception.  Whilst we were there husband was asked if he would like to try a mud mask sample.  ‘Ummm I’ll pass but my wife probably would…’ After finally locating me and dragging me from posing with the PowerPuff girls I headed over to the Glamglow booth.  I had to have my picture taken , upload to Instagram and tag the company.  Within 5 minutes I had a notification to ask to come to the stand as I had one a full size Power Rangers mud mask!

Kidtropolis Family Ticket

Another massive event on over half term at London Excel.  I was lucky enough to find a competition ran by Days Out UK on Facebook.  I found the competition using Tweetdeck however.  Including my entry only 4 people entered.  I gave these tickets to my comping friend Chloe who had been trying to win tickets for ages with no luck.  Whilst there she only went and won the Grand Prize and her kids had to go up on stage to collect a Hover board!

TP Link Wi-fi Camera Monitor

A fab wi-fi camera from TP- Link.  There was some confusion over what I had won initially.  I believed I had won another competition on their Twitter timeline as they had deleted the original competition that I had won.  This is still a great prize though and a massive upgrade on my current Foscam WiFi camera which isn’t supported by my current router.  To win you had to reply to their tweet and name three films.

Young Adult Book

A lovely win from the World Book Day website.  This is a perfect book for one of Dan’s older kids to be saved for christmas.  There are always loads of books up for grabs on the website.  To enter these competitions you just have to send your details to the email address in the giveaway article.

A Halloween Bloody Nurse Costume

Rather fitting for the end of October the last prize I received this month was a bloody nurse Halloween costume.  It’s one size fits all but I think with a bit of prosthetic makeup and fake blood this will be very handy for next years creative Halloween competitions!

Well there you have it.  I received some fantastic prizes this month and there are already some great ones on their way to me for Novemeber.  If you want to know how to find your own competitions then make sure you check out my three-part guide. How did you get on this month? Let me know in the comments below.






  1. Susan Galway
    November 1, 2017 / 7:58 am

    Fantastic! Thanks for showing us your wins. Makes me more hopeful. How do you search for ‘closing soon’ comps on Twitter? Good luck for November!

    • November 1, 2017 / 8:12 am

      I have two columns set up in tweet deck one with ‘tonight win’ and the other with ‘midnight win’ and just check that everyday and enter any new ones that pop up!

  2. November 1, 2017 / 7:13 pm

    That is amazing!! I used to be a comper and you’ve just inspired me to get back into it!!!

    • November 2, 2017 / 10:07 am

      Thank you! It’s such a great hobby and saves me an absolute tonne of money!!

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