What I won – Check out my Febraury 2017 wins!

What I won – Check out my Febraury 2017 wins!

Well it’s that time already, February whizzed by and it’s time to round-up the competitions I won the last month!  If you read my January wins post you’ll realise that I didn’t get off to a flying start this year but I’m pleased to say that February was much improved.  Read on and discover what I managed to bag for just a bit of time and effort this month!

A personalised KitKat

My first win of the month was a personalised KitKat! I still haven’t received my KitKat yet so no picture to show you but I’m looking forward to getting this turn up this month!  This is an on pack promotion with KitKat where you need to enter your code online .  There’s a 1000 available each day so plenty of chances to win!

An Adidas UEFA football (or two!)

I waited almost 2 weeks until I won my next prize – a UEFA Adidas Football all thanks to Walkers crisps.  This is yet another purchase promotion but you only have to buy one packet of crisps to allow multiple entries.  You need to follow the instructions on pack and upload a picture of yourself onto social media either on their facebook pinned post, Twitter or Instagram  My husband was also lucky enough to win a football on the same day .  I’ve won several footballs since with them but you are only able to claim one football per person during the promotion.  For full details about this promotion check out Di Coke’s fully detailed blog post here.  I also just want to add a massive thank you to my comping buddy Emma Gough who sent me an empty packet in the post so I could enter this competition, as when it first started I couldn’t find the packets anywhere!

Now TV Pass and £4 Cash

There’s a new game on Android and Apple called ‘Snatch’.  It’s similar to Pokemon Go but it involves capturing parcels or snatching them from other players.  The parcels can contain anything from in game coins (used to snatch a parcel or defend an attack) to real life prizes including cash!  In total the husband and myself have bagged 5 Now TV 1 month passes as well as a whopping £4 cash in prizes.  If you’re interested in Snatch you can download now from the app store or google play.  If you do please pop my referral code YX2U6E in after installing!

Baxters Soup Mug and a tin of soup

I love this prize, I won two last year and I was really pleased when they started the promotion again.  Soup mugs are souper handy and they’re quite easy to win too!  If you want to have a go at winning one simply head to either the Tesco promotion site or the Asda promotion site .  You can enter 5 times a day and you can win on both the Tesco and Asda site (meaning you can win the prize twice!).  You’ll find out instantly if you’re a winner or not.

A pair of tickets to the Brit Awards

What an amazing prize!  I won this with Box Music TV and I found this competition being advertised on twitter using one of my tweet deck searches.  This was actually a runners up prize for 2 tickets.  I took my friend Sarah with me and it was an amazing experience.  I’m determined to win tickets again for this next year it was so good!  This was a simple prize draw that required you to pop in your details.

Playstation 4 and PES Game

On the same day as winning my Brit awards tickets I found out I had won a PS4 in the Walkers SNap and Share promotion that I won a football with earlier in the month!  Really pleased as this means that husband and I can go back to having our own PS4 consoles each again!  I’m still holding out for the hat trick and trying to win tickets to one of the UEFA matches!

Sony Xperia XZ

So technically I can’t take the credit for this prize as it was in fact my eldest step daughter who won this competition!  Mobiles.co.uk were running a competition asking children aged 5-16 to design the mobile of the future.  There were a total of 7 prizes up for grabs, the grand prize being the Sony Xperia XZ which is the latest mobile released from Sony.  After convincing Olivia to enter pointing out she had a good chance of winning something due to the number of prizes she got her entry done and I submitted it on the website for her.  The judges really loved her entry and she won herself the top prize!  In total there were 25 entries for this competiton so this just shows you how few people bother with creative entries.  Check out Olivia’s winning entry below

Polaroid Snap Camera

Back with another purchase necessary competition now.  Tescos and Plenty had teamed up to offer you the chance of winning a range of 72 prizes a week.  To enter you need a special code from a promotional Plenty package that’s only available in Tesco’s stores.  Once again Di Coke’s got you covered with all the details here! On my 2nd attempt I won a fabulous Polaroid Snap camera!

Two Tickets to a Gig of my choice at an O2 academy

I won this on twitter again it popped up in one of my twitter searches and it was only running for a couple of hours over on the O2 music twitter account.  They wanted to know your #mondaymotivation music playlist.  I told them that I was listening to upbeat dance music; Something good by the Utah Saints and Hot right now by DJ Fresh!  There was a total of 4 winners so quite a generous competition so I’d recommend following them on twitter!

A Large Yankee Candle Jar

Last day of the month today and prize-winning isn’t over yet!  Today I won a fab yankee candle, and even better it’s a hard to find variation from the USA.  I’m really looking forward to receiving this one as I’ve just finished my last yankee candle and currently cannot justify buying any more (they’re just so damn expensive!)

A mystery Zip and Zoe prize

One last prize won on the last day of the month!  A mystery prize no less!  Babymel on twitter were asking you to #sharethelove and show pictures of your little ones doing a good deed or something nice for someone else.  I decided to showcase my two eldest children using teamwork to help me do the hovering!  There was a whopping 100 prizes available with this and I don’t think there were a huge number of entries.  I’m looking forward to finding out what we’ve won when it arrives in the post this month!

Phew, what a month!  Loads of really good prizes this month.  Low entry, judged, effort and purchase necessary competitions dominated with the vast majority of prizes coming from these places.  Next month I’m changing things up a bit to fit in with the format of an unboxing video (without actually having to do an unboxing video).  So next month you’re going to seeing the prizes I receive every month instead.  I do realise this means there will be some crossover for the first month but then it will put me one step closer to actually eventually filming my unboxing videos every month.

How did you all fair this month, I’d love to hear if you had any amazing wins in the comments below!



  1. Francesca Jones
    March 1, 2017 / 10:35 pm

    Zip and Zoe do brilliant bags, we won one last year to review. Best kids bag we’ve ever had!

    Well done on your wins and good luck for the football tickets, I’ve won them and quite excited even though I’m not a huge footy fan – hubby is and he’s over the moon is won the tickets.

    • March 1, 2017 / 10:51 pm

      I’m not hugely into football either but I’d love to soak in the atmosphere – who knows maybe I’d become a fan after attending a game! Hope you have a fab time at your UEFA game 🙂

  2. Ellie Jones
    March 2, 2017 / 6:41 am

    Wow massive haul for you this month congratulations 😃

  3. March 4, 2017 / 10:39 pm

    Amazing month! I totally bummed out – unless you count the quid I won on Snatch!

    • March 4, 2017 / 10:41 pm

      Oh Neill! Still March is here and lots of comping opportunities! Are you doing the walkers promo, another 2 months to win!

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