What I won – Check out my April 2017 wins

What I won – Check out my April 2017 wins


It’s the start of another month, which means yet another review of another month of comping!   For those of you that are new to the blog I’m a comper.  You can read more about my comping and why I do it here.  But the short story is that after having to quit work due to keep up with my sons additional needs I needed to find something that meant we could still afford the nicer things in life!

I spent quite a lot of time comping at the start of the month and then slowed down towards the end.  I’m hoping to get back up to speed in May though.  This month I finally won my first twitter party prize (yay!).  Twitter has been an excellent source for finding and winning competitions yet again.  So lets crack on and break down my prize wins this month

£250 Disney Store 30th Anniversary Bundle

My first win of the month came from a snapchat competition ran by TopCashback.  I found the competition on one of my facebook competition groups (thanks Rebeccca!).  You had to make your way into a Disney Store on their 30th anniversary weekend and take a selfie in store.  You then had to add the Disney 30th geo filter and post to twitter with their specified hashtag.  I headed up to my local Disney store one evening with my eldest step daughter.  I’d already read on the top cashback blog that i needed to have location services turned on for snapchat or the filter wouldn’t show.  Well the filter still wouldn’t show! we took loads of selfies but each time no filter showed.  We also tried walking about all of the store and leaving and re-entering, still with no luck!  Dejected we just went round the rest of the shops for a bit.  As we were about to go home I decided we couldn’t leave without trying just one more time.  This time i went right to the furthest corner of the store and tucked myself in the back of the store.  Amazingly the filter finally showed!  A few days after posting I received a DM to say I was the lucky winner!  In total I think there were less than 35 entries for this, this is likely due to snapchat difficulties and needing to be at a specific place at a specific time. There were a few hiccups with delivery but eventually the prize arrived.  I’m in love with the snowglobe!

3 Month Bloom and Wild subscription

I spotted this competition on one of my comping facebook groups.  After checking it on instagram i noticed it was extremely low entry so went out and purchased some Good Grain Cereal.  The competition was by Good Grain and they wanted to see how you styled your good grain.  The day after I posted my picture I received a message to say I was a winner!  There was quite a big mix up with prizes it seems with this one.  By reading their instagram it appeared I should have onw a £100 sweaty betty voucher, but when I received my prize box with some good grain it said I had won a 3 month bloom and wild subscription.  I would have prefered the voucher ideally but decided not to waste any effort pursuing – plus I’m grateful to win anything really so seemed pointless to ask for it to be changed.

Go Ape Family Pass

I received a winning email from Scottish Oats in the second week of April telling me I’d been one of their lucky prize draw winners for a Go Ape family voucher!  I was so excited to win this as it’s been on my wish list for ages.  They emailed me voucher straight away so now all I have to do is book it.  This competition I found in my Compers News subscription magazine.

Play Doh Touch Shape to Life Studio

This rather cool interactive AR play-doh toy was won on Twitter thanks to Families UK.  For some reason I have notifications on for any of their tweets (probably from a twitter party and then I forgot to turn them off).  But i noticed them tweeting a simple RT to win comp.  I don’t think it made its way on to a comping site as it was quite low entry

Chocolate Lolly Maker

This was a simple RT to win competition thanks to John Adams.  There were 5 winners in total.  I’ve decided to stashed this one away for a birthday of christmas present.

Yokai Bony Spirits 3DS Game

My first ever twitter party win!!  I found the twitter party in the Lucky learners facebook group.  The facebook group was ran by UKTVMums and they had several comeptitons throughout the hour.  Twitter parties are often held by companies and you can read more about them here over at comping guru Di Coke’s Super Lucky blog.  They had several very quick RT to win competition (which last no more than a minute or two to get your entries in)

Day at London Aurora Spa and Chocolate Body Treatment

This was a slightly different twitter competition with Book Your Lifestyle, it was a simple RT but you was also required to download their app and register to be able to enter.  The prize was a fantastic 1 hour body treatment which turned out to be a chocolate body treatment – as well as full use of the spa for the day! I’ve already booked my prize and cant wait to have some me time.

Treatwell £30 waxing voucher

This was an instagram comp ran by Treatwell.  You had to like their post and comment to win.  I found this one thanks to fellow comper Sarah who told me they were doing daily competitions on instagram.  It was quite a generous comp, as the number of likes went up so did the prizes.  The promoter was really lovely and friendly and rang me to confirm my booking for my wax tratment.  As my treatment didn’t meet the full £30 they credited my treatwell account with the surplus money to use on another booking.

Choice of dress and set of Collection makeup

Brand Attic regularly run brilliant FriYay competitions each week and I finally won one!  This was a simple like and comment.  I love my dress I chose and the makeup was a bonus really (no such thing as too much make-up!)

Kazoops Album

I still had forgotten to turn off notifications to UKMumsTV from their twitter party and noticed they were tweeting loads about the cbeebies programme Kazoops.  I jumed on to their twitter feed and found out it was a mini twitter party about the tv show.  Brooke and I joined in and won a Kazoops music album!

Chocolate Making Workshop for 2

I’m sure i mention this every month but thank you TweetDeck!  Tweetdeck is a powerful online tool for organising, tracking and filtering all content on twitter.  I love using this to my advantage to find low entry competitions and this was one of them.  This comp was run by LaundrApp over Easter.  They asked to see a picture of you with bunny ears.  I didn’t have any bunny ears   so i just tweeted them my picture of my snapchat bunny ears and was thrilled to win!  The promotors were really lovely and quickly got my prize voucher emailled out to me.  I’m booked to go in June and can’t wait to get making loads of chocolate.  It’s one of those prizes that I woul never be able to justify with my budget so it’s lovely to win experiences like this.

 Wicked Boomerang

Another Simple RT to win, ran by Wicked Toys over on twitter

Nick Jr Toy Bundle

Towards the end of the month I had a winning telephone call from Nick Jr letting me know that Brooke had won herself a large bundle of Nick Jr toys and asking to confirm if her picture could be shown on Nick Jr.  The competition was on their website and you had to send in your pictures of your adventures out and about.  This was a judged competition and had lots of entries so it was lovely to win.  Check out our winning entry below

Hippychick Totseat travel highchair

I found a comp by Little Dish whilst scrolling through my Instagram feed.  You had to like and comment with what your little one was eating for dinner this evening.  This prize will come in super handy for Harper once she’s finally out of her hip spica cast!

Brockman’s Gin

Brockman’s Gin have run a few live competitions on their facebook now where the main prize is for a years supply of Gin.  To win this you need to follow the clues on their live feed and go on a real life treasure hunt.  As this weeks took place in Liverpool I couldn’t do the real life treasure hunt but I could enter to win a bottle of gin by guessing about where they were talking about.  It seemed that you simply had to comment to enter and the more comments you had the better chance of winning.  I loaded up a map of Liverpool (as that’s where the hunt was) and proceeded to just list of places in Liverpool! my persistence paid off and I won a bottle of Gin – and so did several other members from the facebook competition group where it was posted about!

Bundle of Lipmate

Another straight forward RT to win competition.  I have ridiculously dry lips since having my braces put on so lip balm never goes to waste!

Box of Mallow Eggs

This was a lovely Easter comp ran by Biltong Marcus over on Twitter.  You had to tweet them a picture of your Easter creations.  We were selected as winners and as you can see Brooke is very happy with her massive box of easter chocolates!

NSpa Hamper

Thank you Facebook algorithms!  Scrolling through your feed I’m sure you’ll notice sponsored posts every now and then.  Facebook will always show you sponsored posts relevant to your interests (due to the algorithm they use).  As my interests on facebook are mainly comping I get shown a lot of sponsored competitions posts.  One evening I was scrolling and found one such post from Nspa to win a £100 hamper of products.  There were barely any entries (less than 20 valid entries when i spotted it) but a whopping 10 prizes available.  One slight problem was the comp ended that night and you needed to take a photo of a specific product that you had purchased!  I managed a last-minute dash to Asda to buy the product and took a very rushed selfie.  So rushed you can see I haven’t even put the stickers on my photo properly.  A lot of people did end up entering either after the closing date or didn’t enter correctly.  some just typed ‘liked and shared’.  Some even tried to enter with stock photos they had pulled from a website of the product.  Remember to always check what you need to do before entering a competition.  The promoters selected 10 winners – all of which were selfies of people holding the product.  Really can’t wait for this one to arrive!

A few other wins

Some of our prizes arrived from last months wins which I’ve put pictures of below.  If you win a prize always remember to take a picture and say thank you to the promoter on their social media to encourage them to run more competitions!

In Summary

What a great prize to round off the end of the month.  I was hoping to win an Ed Balls day competition (just for the fun of saying I’d won one), but no such luck.  How did everyone else do this month?  Have you got any comping questions you’d like to ask me?  Go ahead and comment below.  Good luck for May everyone!

A quick request

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  1. emma gough
    April 30, 2017 / 1:02 pm

    Woweeee, what another fabulous month buddy! – totally in love with that Dress you won and hope you get a chance to wear it very soon 🙂 –

    Love Brookes winning entry for the Nick Jr toys too, what a fab photo. So many great prizes, great photo’s and fab memories that will be made from this months wins!

    • April 30, 2017 / 1:11 pm

      Thanks chick! Feel free to comment with a link to your unboxing video in the comments. Next month I’ll add them as a proper link in the article x

  2. April 30, 2017 / 4:35 pm

    Well done 🙂 I’m just putting my list of wins together. Not a bad month 🙂

    • April 30, 2017 / 4:56 pm

      Feel free to add a link in the comments if you’re blogging it!

  3. Rebecca MacBain
    April 30, 2017 / 7:31 pm

    Hiya hun. This is so inspirational thank you so much for blogging it . I’m definitely going to be following your blogs now. I have one question I’d like to ask you. Do you always share to public on like and share Comps? I know you have to for the promoter to see it but worried about driving my friends nuts and not to mention you get lots of other entries when people see it in your feed! I wish you a happy comping may 😍🍀

    • April 30, 2017 / 7:35 pm

      It’s rare I share to public – sharing as part of the terms of a competition is actually against Facebook terms and conditions. If you don’t wish to share to friends and family the other way for it to show you have shared is to set up a public group with some fellow compers and simply share to your group! Good luck with your May comping 🙂 x

      • Rebecca MacBain
        April 30, 2017 / 10:30 pm

        Thank you what a great idea xxx

    • May 22, 2017 / 9:21 pm

      Thanks so much Chloe 🙂 can’t wait to see more of your posts

  4. Collette
    May 31, 2017 / 3:29 pm

    Amazing! Looks like you’ve done really well 🙂 I was thinking of setting up an email dedicated to comping and freebies, as my regular inbox is just getting flooded! I was wondering, do you just have your name as your email address? I was tempted to set one up called something like Collette Comper but I’m worried this will lessen my chances of winning because they’ll know I’m entering lots of competitions? I know that might sound silly and lots of companies use fair systems to pick winners but on social media etc. I’m not so sure, what do you think? xx

    • May 31, 2017 / 4:57 pm

      I do have my first name incorporated into my email address. It shouldn’t effect your chance of winning choosing a comping name – but – I personally wouldn’t use the word comping or comper. It could effect your chances (even though it shouldn’t!) I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the words Lucky in your email address if you wanted something vaguely comping related 🙂

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