We Argh Pirates by AvoKiddo App Review

We Argh Pirates by AvoKiddo App Review

For my son’s 2nd ever Christmas his main present from Santa was an iPad.  That may sound young to be given a tablet but for Chase it was life changing.  He finally had a toy that he could interact with despite very limited fine motor skills and a whole new world of learning was opened up to him.

We ARGH Pirates

I love finding new apps that help to develop critical thinking, problem solving, planning ahead whilst allowing my children to have fun and was recently lucky enough to be given the ‘We Argh Pirates’ app from the lovely people at AvoKiddo to try out.

We ARGH Pirates is an app for both iOS and Android featuring fun swashbuckling puzzles and games allowing you to sail the seas, dig up treasure and battle with sea monsters – all whilst improving your child’s critical thinking, forward planning and fine motor skills.

Who’s it For?

We ARGH Pirates is designed for ages 6 and up. It’s a paid app with no in-app purchases and no third-party ads. You don’t need an Internet connection to play so great for taking on the move.

How do you play it?

In We ARGH Pirates, you navigate your way round by using a treasure map on the Island of Gems.  The treasure map features 8 unique areas, a location must be cleared to be able to proceed to the next. Once you’ve won the gem for a challenge at the location you can carry on to the next location on your treasure map.  There’s a very good variation of both puzzles as well as well as classic touch screen gaming.


The controls are displayed as gestures on-screen.  I think this makes it easy and clear for children to follow what they need to do.  When failing a level you are returned back to the map screen.  The app saves any of the island location challenges you have already completed so your child does not need to start all the way over from the 1st level.  This kept frustrations of failure to a minimum.The Levels

Challenge 1: Catch the fish and the magical sea bottle

Challenge 2: A puzzle level which reminded me of my years of point and click adventures! Lots of exploring and finding items to use in the right order to be able to continue to the next level

Challenge 3: Time to get back on your Pirate ship and do some damage with your cannons!  This is more of a arcade level requiring good timing but great fun

Challenge 4: Using a slingshot and your critical thinking skills you need to find a way past the islanders to pass this level

Challenge 5: The Bridge of Screams, on this level you have to traverse your characters across a bridge while dodging the crows flying using only a red balloon. Lot’s of fine motor skills and anticipation skills required here

Challenge 6: This rather tricky level takes place in the volcano of 1000.  You must navigate your way through the caves to reach the top of the volcano.  Take a wrong turn through and you might be heading downwards by mistake!

Challenge 7: Similar to level 3 this seems like a level repeat initially – until you have to battle an Octopus by throwing buckets at it!

Challenge 8: The last level is also one that requires the most thinking.  You’ve now reached the cave of treasures where it’s time to put your previously found gems to work.  You need to pay close attention and be able to anticipate patterns for this one.

What did we think?

Chase has had much fun playing We ARGH Pirates.  Due to his restricted fine motor skills some of the games I used hand over help.  For the very intensive timing and accuracy needed for some levels I took over but for a neuro-typical child this won’t be an issue.  He especially loved the fishing and the 2nd puzzle level where you walked about exploring and thinking about what items you had to use where.  In fact I myself would love an entire game based around this game mechanic for him.

The graphics are lovely and the game plays very well with no glitches encountered.  We ARGH Pirates kept Chase entertained and engaged the whole way through and he was extremely excited to be able to dig up treasure.  There’s nothing greater than watching his face light up that comes from the sense of achievement when solving a puzzle in a game like this.  There were some trickier for him but these were largely due to his restricted fine motor skills.  This is a challenge we face with all games but nothing we couldn’t fix by playing as a team.

I would love to see an easier mode for younger children or maybe for those that accessibility is an issue.  My 4-year-old loved watching Chase play and although the game isn’t aimed at her age range was really trying hard to help us out with the puzzles.


A great pirate themed swashbuckling adventure for your little ones.  Depending on their age and skill levels you may need to help them with certain puzzles.  Avokiddo have done a great job of making a  fun pirate game that is also full of learning in disguise.  So check out the trailer below and grab ye’ selves a copy and ARGH your way to fun at the iOS or Android stores!

We were given a copy of 'We ARGH Pirates' by Avokiddo free of charge with no obligation to review.  We decided to review it anyway as it was so much fun!  All thoughts and opinions within this post are of my own.

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