Visiting Kent Police Open Day 2019

Visiting Kent Police Open Day 2019

Kent Police College in Maidstone annually open their doors to the general public giving the public the opportunity to learn about the work that they do up and down the country, learn more about the police force as well as watch some amazing displays showcasing public order riot control and a firm family favourite the police dog display!

There are excellent food and drink stalls available for those who didn’t bring a picnic as well as a huge number of stands and activities to join in with. Another highlight of the day is being able to watch a police helicopter land and take off.

Our Visit 

kent police open day - the family

We visited for the first time on a very hot Sunday at the end of June this year.  Tickets were free and had to pre-booked (to ensure a safe number of visitors attended).  There was excellent disabled parking and ramps were all laid out ready meaning Chase was able to drive himself around pretty much the entire event.

Police Dogs

Our first major stop was to see the Police Dogs, we watched a great display (and were very thankful for allocated accessible areas for wheelchairs) before heading round to first hand meet some of the pups in training.

Chase was delighted to meet Wilson a 9 month old Alsatian who is currently in training to be a Police dog.  He was also one of the dogs who performed on stage at the BGT talent show final this year with Finn the Police dog.

Emergency Vehicles 

One of the favourite activities for the kids at the event was to sit in the emergency vehicles – and there were just so many for them to enjoy.  Brooke and Harper really enjoyed sitting on a mini motorbike (which was actually a real working bike), they all enjoyed sitting in the driver’s seat of the Police cars and wearing an official Police cap.

The lifeguard were also there with the chance for the kids to jump into the lifeboats and learn some lifesaving skills.  Chase, Brooke and Harper really enjoyed having a go at throwing a life saving ring and pulling it back in again.  The kids also learnt the importance of shouting for help and not getting in the water themselves to help someone (or there would then be more people that need to be rescued!).

The Officers

We met some of the wonderful Officers and staff who worked for Kent police and the children were all very excited to see what it’s like to be taken into Police custody and to go inside a police cell.

The Custody Cells

Brooke was amazed that there wasn’t a sink for people taken into custody to wash their hands, but an officer explained that this was so people couldn’t do anything ‘naughty’ with the water whilst they were in the cell.

Kids inside a police custody cell - kent police open day

We also explored the interview rooms and got to take a more in depth look at the care provided to anyone being processed through police custody. Brooke spotted they had toothbrushes but asked how do they use them if they don’t have any sinks. It turns out that the tooth brushes come with impregnated gel on them to clean teeth!

I then spotted a handheld security scanner which we had great fun scanning each other with. Chase couldn’t stop laughing as everytime we scanned him the detector went crazy because of his wheelchair.

The Control Room

Next up was a visit to the control room. Here we learnt about how call operators pinpoint calls and what we could do to help them in the event we need to call the Police and identify where we are.

Brooke wondered how they knew the police was needed when someone rang 999 and they explained that the operator asks the caller what emergency services they need, if they don’t respond then the police are sent automatically as well as the ambulance service.

Chase did a really good job of reading through different scenarios and deciding which ones were risky and which ones not so much. Harper on the other hand didn’t fully understand the exercise and decided just to color in all the faces – but then at the age of 3 that’s what I would have expected!

A Fantastic Family Day Out

The Kent Police Open Day is a free ticketed event and is one we will definitely be attending again. It was a fantastic chance for the children to learn more about the Police force and other emergency services and discover how they work to keep us all safe.


Kent Police Open Day is a ticketed free to attend event.  I was not asked to write a blog post about this event just wanted to share our experience.


  1. Louise
    October 16, 2019 / 2:37 pm

    Ah it looks a great fun day out!

    • October 16, 2019 / 1:42 pm

      It really was! And even better – free 🙂

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