Top 5 time saving Beauty Hacks for Mums

time saving beauty hacks

Time Saving Beauty Hacks for Mums (and other busy people!)

I really don’t have as much time as I would like to meet all my beauty needs these days.  Having 3 children means that mornings are hectic.  I have the extra ridiculousness in the mornings of having 2 children that cannot do things for them selves and a third who doesn’t want to feel left out so also wants Mum to do everything for her.  This means I’ve had to ditch my once time-consuming beauty regime and find ways round it! I’ve come up with my top 5 time-saving beauty hacks to keep myself looking semi presentable with minimum time and effort!

Dry Shampoo

I think a lot of you will already know just how amazing dry shampoo is.  If you dont, simply finish reading this article then go out and buy some!  I’ve got such a large amount of hair the time to wash and dry it takes ages.  Using dry shampoo reduces washing time to a few seconds as opposed to at least a minimum of 25 minutes of washing and blow drying!  I have found I can take this one step further and save money by just using talcum powder.  Having red hair means that the talcum powder doesn’t show plus it saves a fortune of dry shampoo!

Hair Braids

time saving beauty hacks hair braids

Want a decent hairstyle but don’t have the time? Hair braids are  your time-saving beuaty hack answer.  Quickly whip your damp hair into braids after taking a shower then in the morning awake to wavy locks.  Or if you need to do during the day put your hair into braids and then go over them with your straighteners.  It’s not going to look as good as spending hours doing your hair but it’s a lot better than bed head hair!

Multitasking Products

Theres a whole plethora of multitasking products available to save time.  tinted moisturiser is a good one, quickly meeting both your foundation and moisturising needs.  Or invest in a face wash that can cleanse and exfoliate in one go.  Something like Liz Earles hot polish cleanser would be my choice for cleaning and exfoliating in one swift step (plus it smells lush too).


make up brushes againts white background

I hate leaving the house without make up.  I don’t always have time for a full face though so the trick is to prioritize!  For me making sure I have a basic level of skin coverage is a must and after that i concentrate on eyebrows and eyelashes and lips.  If I’m not using tinted moisturizer then I will always use a mineral powder foundation.  This is quick and easy to buff on and if you’re using the right brand will leave your skin looking glowing.  Adding a quick sweep of blush ensures I don’t look like a pasty vampire for the rest of the day.  Unluckily for me i have been gifted platinum blonde eyebrows and eyelashes.  This can save plucking time on the eyebrow front but it simply looks like all my eyelashes have fallen out!  Invest in a good mascara that you can apply quickly which wont leave you with smudges or spider legs eyelashes.  My current favourite is L’oreal million lashes as it looks like I’ve curled my eyelashes when i apply it.  For lips i simply apply some Carmex lip balm and if I’m feeling frivolous a bit of lip gloss over the top.

Perfect pedicure ready feet

Ok so this is the one area of my body I constantly forget about.  I then immediately regret this come sandal and flip-flop weather when my feet resemble Shrek’s.  To keep your feet in tip-top condition simply pop some moisturiser or vaseline to your feet before bed and pop a pair of cotton socks on over the top.  You’ll wake up with baby soft feet perfect for sandal season!

I’d love to hear if any of you have any of your own time-saving beauty hacks.  Or maybe you have a hero multitasking product! Let me know in the comments below!




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