Toiletries Challenge – The January Update

So you may remember at the beginning of the year I decided I was going to attempt to start using more of toiletries and skin care products instead of just buying new ones.  I also set myself a budget of £20 for the entire year.  Time to check in and give you all an update!

How much did I use?

I’ve managed to actually start using plenty of products and have been slowly working my way through some of the (many) samples I had accumulated from my Look Fantastic subscription boxes over the past 6 months.  I can say for sure the skin on my face has never been in such a great condition, it’s positively glowing at the moment.  This is down to the new products I’ve introduced this month to it.  Here’s a quick look at some of the main products that have been using.  I plan to start adding full reviews of them as the month continues – as you can see I’ve been using a lot of Elemis products this month but will be switching to the rest of my bags of goodies from other brands when these run out!

What did I use

Elemis Nourishing Omega Rich Cleansing Oil 

I actually think this stuff has made a significant difference to not only the quality of my skin but the moisture levels too.  I actually don’t think I’ve had any dry patches on my skin since I started using this

Elemis Pro Collagen Cleansing Balm

I do love to double cleanse and although this is also an oil based cleanser – for my skin it works well if I am double cleansing using two oil based cleansers.  This one is a little bit more of a treat experience.  I love to massage it in and leave it on as a mask whilst i take a hot bath before removing for ultra soft smooth skin

Murad Vitamin C cleansing peel 

So this was one of my Look Fantastic samples, it leaves quite a stong tingly sensation but has marginally improved the surface appearance and brightness of my skin (but I’ve used others that have done better previously

Elemis Pro collagen advanced eye treatment

Unfortunately I don’t get on with this product! It’s too hard for me to apply and no matter how sparingly i use it or how I apply it my eyes start watering badly. The product somehow gets in my eye and it all gets washed away by the further pools of tears.  Doesn’t seem to matter how i change my application.

L’oreal Revitalift Laser Renew Night Peeling Lotion

This is designed for the more mature skin but I’ve found that by using it twice a week it’s been making my skin look a lot smoother and brighter.  I like to use this product in the winter more than the summer as you need to be extra careful making sure you get full coverage with your SPF in the summer if using this, (as it makes your more prone to burning your skin)

As far as the bath and shower is concerned I haven’t really made a huge dent in my stash. I’m still on the same mango shower gel I started the month. I’ve not yet reached for my exfoliation goodies yet (naughty me!). Amphora Aromatics oil has been one of my hero products this month.  I love to either pop a bit in the water or use it as a moisturiser post bath/shower.

How much money did I spend on toiletries this month

So overall have i spent any money this month on toiletries or skin care? Well the answer is a big fat NO!  I’m rather impressed with myself – even when i ran out of makeup remover pads I moved onto the value cotton ball roll I found at the back of the kids cupboard.   I’m likely to run out of that this month though and I’ve also been having some issues with the shampoo. I’ve got lots of a value Boots brand one so i may need to make a change this month.  It all depends on my if my scalp adapts to it or not!

So how have you been getting on? Did you manage to sort through your toiletries this month?  I’d love to know if you tried a new product and loved it!


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