The Toiletries Challenge – UPDATE

The Toiletries Challenge – UPDATE

So it’s been over 6 months since I started my toiletries challenge.  My collection of toiletries had grown so large that I set myself the challenge to make us of what I had and limit my spending on toiletries to just £20 for the entire year.  After a one month update I decided a 6 month review would be better!

How much have I spent on toiletries so far

I’m at the grand total of £10 spent so far on toiletries.  The entire £10 spent was on shower gel and shampoo that had purchase necessary competitions on them.  The shampoo I actually happened to need as well so that was a bonus.  The shower gels have been added to toiletries collection.  However that £10 was well spent because one of those purchases resulted in me winning a 32GB Apple ipad Air 2!  

It’s worth noting that my spend for toiletries does not include makeup.  I have however been on . top of my spending with makeup and haven’t splashed on any expensive brands.  When I ran out of foundation I waited around for a discount code to be valid before purchasing my favourite foundation.

How much of my toiletries are left?

The amount of toiletries I have left has been reduced.  This has been mainly thanks to eBay.  I had such an accumulation of expensive brands I decided to sell some of the surplus ones. Using Buy it now instead of bidding meant the items sold for a decent amount that I was happy with.

Handwash is something we normally fly through in our house due to the sheer number of sticky and dirty hands the kids seem to pick up.  Instead of buying handwash I’ve been decanting the cheaper showergels into the handwash bottles as they become empty.  Using shower gel as handwash has worked great and is helping to bring down the huge amount of shower gel I’ve collected.

Where possible the samples of products have been used in preference to the full size products.  I’ve not yet found anything particularly amazing that I want to buy a full size product of.  One full size product that I started to use over the past 6 months though has been amazing; and that’s Khiel’s Iris Extract Activating Essence.  I’ve also found a great new low-cost skin care brand.  I’ll be talking more about that brand and the Khiel’s product I’ve been using in their own blog post later next month.

Some additions

I have managed to add to my toiletries collection without spending any money.  I’ve had several fab prizes that included bath and skincare products.  This is likely why I’ve managed to keep so well to my budget I think!

Upon taking a photo of my toiletries collection I realised that maybe I haven’t cleared as much as I had hoped too.


I would say though I have approximately half the amount of toiletries that I did at the start of the year.  I would have liked to reduce it to clear a bit more cupboard space.  The next four months I will aim to clear even more.  Besides what good can a moisturiser do if it’s not being applied to skin!

4 months to go

So I’ve only 4 months of the year left and a whopping £ 10 budget left.  I’m pretty sure this will be used for more purchase necessary competitions as I still have enough left (fingers crossed) to last the year.  I’ll then be ready for the usual influx of toiletries that come my way at Christmas!  My bathrooms drawers are feeling a lot more organised though that’s for sure.

Did you make an effort to clear your toiletries stash this year, if so how did you get on?




  1. August 27, 2017 / 6:51 pm

    This such a good idea! I dread to think how big a pile of toiletries I could make if I put them all in one place!! Love the shower gel as hand wash idea- we always seem to run out of hand wash!

    • August 27, 2017 / 6:55 pm

      Even when I took everything out I found stuff I’d forgotten I had 😂 if you attempt it I’d love to see your pictures!

  2. Francesca Jones
    January 12, 2018 / 9:07 pm

    I’ve used up lots of little shower gels and shampoos I’ve picked up on my travels as hand wash! It got rid of all the tiny bottles taking up valuable storage space 👍

    • January 12, 2018 / 9:08 pm

      Using everything as handwash is great when you have an overstock 🙂

      You’ve reminded me I’ve got to write a new update on this post!

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