The Power of Saying Yes – A Nutty Experience

The Power of Saying Yes – A Nutty Experience


Opportunities are never lost, someone will always take the one you miss

I’m a big believer in taking an opportunity when it becomes available.  Sometimes I even force myself to take opportunities even if my immediate reaction is to run away screaming ‘Nooooo’.  Why do I do this?  I do this because I’ve found no matter how scary or how much hard work an opportunity looks it usually results in something amazing happening.  On the occasions it doesn’t I can at least feel safe in the knowledge that I won’t be sitting there thinking ‘What if?’

Mr Glam & Geeky

Mr Glam & Geeky AKA Dan doesn’t always follow the same thinking as me.  However he recently surprised me a few months ago by taking an opportunity that resulted in dressing up as a bee, falling into a massive pool of milk and walking away with a years supply of cereal.  This post is all about his amazing opportunity he took!

Taking That opportunity

Regular readers to my blog will know i love to enter competitions.  I saw that Crunchy Nut on Facebook were looking for their ultimate crunchy nutter.  I am not a crunchy nut fan but my husband really does love that stuff!  They had loads of boxes of their new peanut cereal to giveaway if you entered and barely any entries.  I tagged him in their post asking for videos of people eating crunchy nut in unusual situations.  As usual I forgot about it and presumed he hadn’t done anything until a few weeks later he told me he had won a free box of Crunchy nut’s new peanut cereal!

I was so impressed with his video he had made.  He had filmed himself eating crunchy nut out of a beaker with a pair of snipe nose pliers whilst wearing a lab coat and safety spectacles.  I’d like to add a disclaimer at this point that he doesn’t work in a medical or analytical lab so this was not a breach of health and safety ( you’ll discover why I’m writing this later!)

An Unexpected Message

A few months later he received a Facebook message from Crunchy Nut to say he had been selected as one of the ultimate crunchy nutter finalists. Crunchy Nut would like for him to come and film a series of ultimate Crunchy Nutter challenges to compete for the crown.  For agreeing to do this he would get a years supply of Crunchy Nut!

Dan ummed and erred about taking part.  If he won his semi final he would have to have come back in for another day of filming, meaning taking holiday time off work.  I encouraged him to just go for it as it was a unique opportunity.  A chance to have a day off from working, and family life and have the chance to do something fun for himself for once.  Dan eventually decided he would take part!

So what happens when you say yes?

Crunchy Nut arranged and paid for all of Dan’s transport to and from the television studio in London.  Dan had to fill out a lot of forms detailing medical conditions and release forms before he took part.  They also needed his exact measurements for a costume….

Dan’s Semi Final Challenge

On Dan’s first day of filming he got to meet Youtubers Joe Tasker and Alex Hobern  who were helping promote the advertising campaign.  They were super nice and spent loads of time chatting with him in between filming.  Joe even took the time to record a video message for Dan’s eldest step daughter who is one of his fans!

All of the contestants had been assigned a special task for the semi-final recordings.  Everyone was to be filmed on their own and then the Crunchy Nut people would judge who they wanted to come back for the final based on their semi-final performance.

Taking the Bull By The Horns

Dan was thankful to be selected to ride ‘The Table of Doom’ whilst eating Crunchy Nut!

Some of the other semi-final tasks included riding a bike with things being thrown at you or completing one of those don’t touch the wire game (which gave you an electric shock when you did!).  Dan had great fun doing his semi-final

After all the semi-finals had been filmed Dan was selected to be one of the finalists.  He also was told they had forgotten he was to be given £200 for additional expenses.  This wasn’t something that we’d seen in the terms and conditions so Dan was super pleased to get a random £200!

Finals Day

Finals day saw Dan dressed as a Bumble Bee competing against another contestant, Ben dressed as a squirrel.  They had to race over a pool of watery milk on beams whilst the Crunchy Nutter taskmaster yelled at them whilst throwing balls at them!

Dan was told the winner wasn’t the first to reach the Crunchy Nut  at the end of the beam but would rather be judged on their performance in front of the camera.

The Crowning

After a morning of falling into milk the afternoon was used to film the crowning of the Ultimate Crunchy Nutter.  Much to his surprise Dan won!  He was in such disbelief that they had to record his reaction a few times!  There’s also an outtake somewhere  of the Crunchy Nutter Taskmaster kissing Dan when he announced he had won.  I was secretly hoping they’d show this one on their social media but they didn’t.

Dan came home super happy and really pleased that he’d taken the opportunity in the first place.  Now we’ve got an awesome supply of cereal for a year plus Dan’s got all the memories as well as the title of ‘The Ultimate Crunchy Nutter’

What’s Filming Actually Like

  • There’s a lot of waiting around.  It does take a while for everything to be set-up.  If you ever take an opportunity that leads to filming like this take a book or a portable games console with you!
  • Everyone is Super friendly.  The one thing that Dan found from his day out was he couldn’t believe how friendly everyone was.  From the make-up artists , the camera men to the CEO of Kelloggs!  Dan was introduced to everyone and kept in the loop as to what was going on at all times.
  • You have to repeat the same thing over a few times.  This is to be expected.  Dan had to repeat the same thing quite a few times over.  This meant that there was enough footage to edit all the videos for the marketing campaign.

Seeing yourself on Social Media

Now that all the videos have been edited they’re out there on social media for everyone to see!  For some people I realise that this could be a scary prospect.  Dan’s taking it all in his stride.  At first I wasn’t going to read the comments on social media but Dan had other ideas!  Most of the comments have been people tagging friends who are called Dan.  There’s also a lot of tags for Dan lookalikes! (i.e they have long dark hair and a beard!).  On the release of the final video showing Dan eating Crunchy Nut in his original video there have been a lot of comments slating him for eating food in a lab.  We’ve both had a chuckle at this as it’s not a medical lab he’s sitting in.  Still it means he did a good enough video that people think he is!

The Crunchy Nut Ultimate Crunchy Nutter competition does usually run every year.  It’s very low entry as it requires a video to enter.  I’m hoping some of my comping friends will be entering next year!

Taking opportunities of my own

Spurred on by Dan’s opportunity grabbing I decided to look for some new opportunities of my own.  Not long after Dan had finished filming back in July I saw an opportunity of my own which also resulted in filming.  The films for that are going to be on social media soon and a blog post will follow!

I hope reading this has encouraged you to rethink opportunities you could take in life.  In the comping world opportunities are everywhere.  Taking an opportunity to enter a creative competition or even simply taking the time to enter your details into a prize draw can result in amazing things.   What opportunities do you look for everyday?

Taking an oppurtunity can sometimes be scary, but regret is an even scarier prospect.




  1. Suz
    September 22, 2017 / 7:28 pm

    Love this skip! x

    • September 22, 2017 / 7:29 pm

      Such a cool experience!

  2. Sheila Docherty
    September 22, 2017 / 7:30 pm

    Awww…. I love this Nikki! Well done Dan! 👍👍

    • September 22, 2017 / 10:05 pm

      Thanks Sheila!! I was so proud that he pushed himself to do something that would normally be out of his comfort zone. Turns out he really enjoyed himself and would actually do something like this again!

  3. September 25, 2017 / 8:39 pm

    This is such a brilliant story – and result! Massive respect to Mr G&G for biting the bullet and claiming the crown – a total amazing (money can’t buy!) experience 😀

    I’ll have to look out for the comp next year so I can challenge for that title! Also looking out for your forthcoming video story 😀

  4. September 25, 2017 / 8:44 pm

    this is just brilliant and a perfect example of why us comping fans do what we do! What a memorable and wonderful experience – bet the kids are mega-proud of him too!!! And to be crowned the winner – what a bonus – just fantastic. I know that this crazy hobby has brought me out of my shell a lot more and it’s great to hear of others taking those amazing opportunities.

    • October 1, 2017 / 8:56 am

      i think it’s great how much comping can help people come out of their shell and do things they normally wouldn’t agree too!

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