A Sports Day With a Difference! 

Chase’s Sports Day

For the first time since Chase started school I finally made it to his Sports Day.  I fondly remember my primary school sports days still to this day.  We used to do various races, as well as individual events to then get a final score.  The scores then were totalled up and you got a certificate with a picture of a trainer on it with a number next to it.  From what I can remember the number related to how well you performed from 1-10, and if you were dead good you could earn a triple 10 certificate.  I’d like to use this short moment to boast I finally achieved my dream of triple 10 certificate in year 6.  Looking back I think we should have all been given medals and counselling for having to do sports day in our pants and vests.

International Mud Day

I wasn’t fully sure what to expect from a chase’s sports day other than I knew there was a relay race.  It turns out it was also International Mud Day.  Because of this the school decided in the morning children would be doing sports activities with mud! As fun as playing in the mud is I was a tad concerned about how I would manage to get all the mud off the wheelchair.  I needn’t as worried as activities were not as muddy as once thought.  Chase enjoyed some mud flinging and mud painting in the morning before getting ready for the relay races in the afternoon.

Before the racing commenced the entire school did a parade in their houses.  Muddy banners were flown showing each house name with the kids following behind.  Chase was super happy when he spotted us in the crowd as we’d kept it secret that we were coming.

Let the Games begin!

Sports day at a school were most of the children are severely physically disabled is always going to be a little different. Somethings remain the same though, competitiveness and having fun!

Year 9 and below all competed together in their house teams.  There were several variations of races for the afternoon.  The egg and spoon race was out and the bean bag and bucket race was in!  Other relay races included carrying balls and balancing them on a pillar, kicking down balls from a pillar, as well as a plain old-fashioned relay race.  Some kids were pushed, some drove their wheelchairs and some ran as fast as they could!

Chase had a blast of a time.  It was great watching him get into the competitive spirit.  Chase did a fantastic job of cheering on his team house (picture had to be zoom and cropped so only Chase was in the picture so apologies for the poor quality!).

For me as a parent it was heartwarming to see him having so much fun but also I got to see him interacting and having fun with the other children in the school.  At one point he was having a really good giggle with some of the boys from secondary.  Brooke and Harper also enjoyed cheering everyone on.  Although Brooke was crying her eyes out a little disappointed because Chase’s team didn’t win the relay races Chase competed in.

Do you remember your sports day? Did anyone else have to do it in their pants and vest?! 


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