Review: Ultrabland by Lush

Review: Ultrabland by Lush

Sometime ago I wrote about wanting to greatly reduce our families plastic use. One of the biggest areas I found we are using plastic was from our personal care products.

A Cleanser for my combination skin

Some months ago when I ran out of my oil cleanser in my face I decided to look at Lush to see if they had a naked version available. At the time there was no naked cleansers but I did see that they had a cleanser called Ultrabland that had very positive comments on their website and was at least packaged using only 100% recycled plastic, so I decided to give it go.


Lush describe Ultrabland as a cleansing balm which is based on on Ancient formula for cold cream. Personally I had no idea what a cold cream was and was a little bit sceptical that this pot of thick looking cream would do an effective job at removing my makeup and leaving my skin prepped and ready for the next steps of my skincare.

The actual cream was thicker than expected and has a lovely smell to it owing to the honey in the formula which is there to hydrate and act as an antibacterial ingredient.

How I Used It

I like to take a good dollop of it (make sure you have dry hands so you don’t introduce water into the pot) and then work it into my skin. It feels very heavy when on but really feels quite luxurious.

Next I take a warm flannel or muslin and then slowly rub off the melted Ultrabland. I found it easily removed all of my face makeup but boy did it have an issue with removing mascara. No matter what I tried mascara removal was not happening. So if you wear eye makeup daily you will still need to invest in a separate product for eye makeup removal.

It’s worth noting that you cannot simply wash off the cleanser with cold water on its own. If you do try that Ultrabland will just turn into a claggy mess on your face because of the bees wax – which is exactly what I embarrassingly did on my first use.

My Results

After going through an entire pot I can say that my skin absolutely LOVED Ultrabland. After cleansing it does leave what feels like a coating on my skin but it feels like a hydrating one – I’ve heard that others dislike this feeling but I found this helped the very dry parts of my skin become a lot more hydrated and my chronic dry patch I have on one cheek completely disappeared. This is likely due to the bees wax in the formula, for those with oily skin it could potentially clog pores but I had no issues with my oily T-zone.

Another improvement for my skin was the reduction of milia on the skin. I had found that from my use of oils previously to cleanse my face had caused millia to start cropping up around my nose and eyelids. Since switching away from pure oil cleansers these have finally all worked there way out of my skin and I’ve had no new ones develop – yay no horrible face bumps!

Would I use again?

Overall a brilliant cleanser that suited my combination skin very well. I loved how it felt and it made my skin extremely nourished and smooth when I was using it and my skin never felt dry. I couldn’t believe how much better my skin looked in the mirror each morning just from a simple switch of my cleanser.

However I was disappointed that it failed to remove my mascara and I would still like to find a plastic free cleanser in my regime. It’s also worth noting it’s not a vegan formula due to the addition of the bee wax.

Ultrabland prices start from £8.45 for a 45g tub but prices become more favourable on the larger pots. I used a 100g pot and this lasted me roughly 4 months.

I’ve tried a few more cleansers since using my tub of Ultrabland so subscribe to the blog to be updated when the next blog post goes live. Have you tried any plastic free cleansers or are thinking about trying one?


I paid for my Ultrabland cleanser myself and wasn't asked to write a review for this product, I am just sharing my experience of it with others to benefit.

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  1. Sarah
    March 22, 2019 / 5:39 pm

    Hey love. My environmental and cheapo make up remover tip is just pure coconut oil and Muslim cloth. Works great on mascara too. It’s not glam but works a treat for me!

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