Refreshing Your Winter Wardrobe #AceWinterRefresh Challenge with BritMums

Refreshing Your Winter Wardrobe #AceWinterRefresh Challenge with BritMums


When you leave the house in the morning and you can see your own breath hanging in the air you know that Winter is well and truly on it’s way.  Some people love to hang on to the throws of Summer but I rather enjoy Winter – cosy evenings in, winter woolies and as a redhead my chance of getting burned by winter in in the UK is non existent!

Cut off shorts, bardot tops and thin flowy dresses though are not really suitable for such chilly weather so out comes the winter wardrobe.  As much as I love seeing some clothes that I haven’t worn for a whole 6 months it’s still nice to vamp up and refresh your look at the change of season.  If like me you’re on a budget and trying to be more eco friendly read on for some tips on how to refresh your winter looks without spending a fortune.


I love to use accessories to change my winter look up – and as a bonus they keep me super warm and toasty too!  Hats, gloves and scarves all are a great way to alter the look of your basic winter clothes when outdoors.  

Top Tip – avoid overly fluffy scarves and hats that shed thin fibres from them.  I once owned a scarf that did this, at least once a week I would someone how get these very long thin invisible fibres stuck in my eyes.  Red streaming eyes wasn’t something I wanted to add to my winter looks….

The kids also love having a great selection of accessories to pick from.  We’re big fans of ear muffs in this house, there are so many bright options to choose from and it’s a great way to add a splash of colour to your outfit.


If I had to name an item of clothing as my kindred spirit then my thermals would be it.  They keep me so warm and cosy and I know that the kids will also be safe from low temperature when wearing them.  The added bonus of having some heavy duty hard working thermals in your wardrobe is that you can make use of more of your regular wardrobe even during the super cold months.


Invest in a decent winter coat 

I try to keep each member of the household to owning just one big winter coat (with sometimes 7 of us in the house where would i even store 14 winter coats!).  When out and about your coat is the largest part of your look so pick one that will go with a lot of outfits and you love!

Buy Preloved

Having a capsule wardrobe means I don’t actually do a huge amount of clothes shopping.  However when I do I always try to purchased preloved clothes, either from Ebay or a local charity shop.  I’m still amazed at what you can find donated in charity shops.  Last year I was lucky enough to pick up these great Christmas jumpers in an almost nearly new condition. Please don’t hate me for using the C word before Halloween….)

Buying second hand clothes isn’t just cheaper, it’s also better for the environment and even better if purchasing from a charity shop it helps raise funds for charity too, win-win!

Refresh what you have

Lastly why not just use what you already have?  We live in a society where fast fashion rules and we’re bombarded with images every day of the latest trends.  I’m guilty of purchasing an item just because I’ve seen celebs wearing it and I think our attitudes to fast fashion need to change. 

Sometimes it’s the anticipation of buying a new item for our wardrobe more than the actual garment that brings us that actual satisfaction.

This year I will be trying to buy minimal extra items for my winter wardrobe and using what I already have.  As a lot of it hasn’t been worn for a good few month it’s a little on the musty side and could do with a little laundry TLC!

Ace for Colours 

I’ve been gifted some Ace For Colours to try out and refreshing my winter wardrobe seemed the perfect way to put it to the test.

Small winter items such as gloves, scarves and hats don’t get anywhere near as much care in the laundry department as the rest of our regular clothes do.  Even the big warm winter coats are a little neglected when it comes washing I’m loathed to have a second coat for every member of the house, so it’s important that I give everything a big refresh to get them looking bright, clean and smelling lovely ahead of the big temperature drop.  

I absolutely love that Ace for Colours is completely plastic free! I’m always looking for way to reduce our plastic waste and Ace comes in a plastic free fully recyclable Tetra pak .  There’s no scoop included as they recommend using a teaspoon – or you could simply use a scoop you already own from another product.

What Did We Think 

I used my Ace for Colours by adding a scoop to my wash, but it can also be used to soak hard to get out stains or as a pre-treatment.  It worked well and everything came out looking bright and ready for the cooler months – but perhaps the biggest thing I liked about it was the smell. It made the clothes smell absolutely amazing!  The smell factor is super useful for getting rid of any musty smells from stored clothes or washing clothes that you have brought pre-loved (why does other people’s washing powder on clothes smell so weird?!)  


I felt that the powder also did a great job of keeping the clothes nice and bright.  By looking after clothes and keeping them brighter they will last a lot longer and stay out of landfill for longer.  It’s also helped me keep on top of the seemingly never ending school and husbands work clothes washing basket by getting stains out on the first wash.

Laudatory Laundry 

All in all Ace For Colours fitted really well into our busy laundry routine at home and is something we will be carrying on using to keep our clothes feeling refreshed all year round

Disclaimer: This post is an entry for the BritMums #ACEWinterRefresh Challenge, sponsored by ACE for Colours Powder. Get help for all kinds of stains with the ACE Stain Helper and pick up the range at your nearest Morrison’s store or buy online on Amazon




*Gifted Product 


  1. October 28, 2019 / 12:45 pm

    You are so right about the treatment of winter accessories — they definitely need love to be freshened up. Love the idea of putting on something cosy that smells lovely.

  2. October 28, 2019 / 1:20 pm

    Accessories add so much to a winter wardrobe and I love the treat of a new winter coat. Great to hear how you got on – commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part

  3. Emma Gough
    October 28, 2019 / 2:17 pm

    That’s such a great tip to change your look up with winter accessories. You’re so right, why does other people’s washing powder and clothes smell odd? I’ve always thought that too! You’ve inspired me to go grab all the hats, scarves and gloves and give them a winter refresh too, it’s getting chillier by the day!

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