Prize Unboxing March, April & May 2020

Prize Unboxing March, April & May 2020

It’s been a while since I have written an unboxing blog post.  You may have noticed that my unboxing videos have been making it on to my Youtube channel and the blog has recently been neglected, this is largely due to time constraints from home schooling three children during the COVID19 crisis.

However at the end of March Youtube through a massive spanner in the works and decided no matter what I did my video would get stuck on 95% processing. So after several unsuccessful hours and video edits I am back with a blog post to cover what I unboxed during March, April and May 2020!

For those of you that are new to the blog I’m a comper.  You can read more about my comping and why I do it by clicking the link.  But the short story is that after having to quit work due to keep up with my sons additional needs I needed to find something that meant we could still afford the nicer things in life.


The past few months have been very strange.  Some of the prizes I’ve won have been cancelled and some are looking extremely unlikely that I will be able to claim them.  With no news from promoters I am just going to focus on and celebrate the prizes that I have received instead (but I shall include everything that originally went into my video anyway!)


So without further ado here’s what we unboxed throughout the last three months

  • A huge bundle of Thicker fuller hair and Love Grove Products, from Thicker Fuller Hair on Instagram, like and comment
  • A bundle of velcro goodies for home crafting and fixings from Velcro UK on Facebook, a judged WBD win
  • Family ticket to Camp Bestival, with Camp Bestival on Facebook, a judged WBD day win 
  • A personalised T Shirt from Clothes to Order on Twitter, WBD, judged quote win 
  • Two Tickets to this years Christmas Pantomime at our local playhouse, Orchard Theatre on Facebook, judged WBD win 
  • £10 Waterstones Voucher from Brooke’s school as she won her school WBD competition for her costume
  • Bookeez Toy from John Adams on Facebook, judged WBD win 
  • Personalised Night Light from Dust & Things on Facebook, judged WBD win 
  • £30 Waterstones vouchers from Trutex on Facebook, judged WBD win 
  • A bundle of four personalised books from Getting Personal on Twitter, judged WBD win 

  • A large bundle of skincare from Priory on Instagram – Nominated by my friend Suzie to win 
  • A super cute egg swan cup, WBD win talking about swans from Hannah Turner on Twitter
  • Plastic Sucks book from Tots Holidays, like and comment Instagram

  • Bundle of T-shirt yarn from Knitting Mag, like and comment Instagram
  • Soho Soap Mother’s day bundle from Soho Soaps, like and comment on Facebook
  • Mothers Day flowers from Blossoming gifts, won by my husband on a web entry form
  • Hotel Chocolat collection from N&C Phlexicare, like and comment as part of National Wheelchair Day (i included a picture of Chase with his wheels as part of my entry)
  • Curling Iron from Whitney Marie UK, like and comment Instagram.  This was a strange one as I had to pay postage of £2.99 but i received a really lovely £25 curling iron so I was happy to postage – competitions shouldn’t usually require you to pay postage costs!
  • Remington Bundle from Remington, Nominate a keyworker on Instagram. I nominated my lovely friend who has been delivering countless babies through all of this
  • Fake tan bundle from Sunkissed – now someone nominated me to win this but I have no idea who, if you’re out there and reading this, thank you! 
  • Savoursmiths huge box of crisps from Savourmiths, like and comment on Instagram
  • A chocolate bar of my choice from Recognised on Instagram thanks to a nomination from my friend Roisin
  • Casio Keyboard from Casio, a judged entry on Instagram where you had to post a video of you playing the keyboard.  I was so excited to win this as we recently bought a second hand keyboard which turned out to be absolutely rubbish – but it was good enough to do an entry and get us a fantastic decent keyboard!

  • Innsersense Organic Hair bundle worth $120 from Innersense Organics.  Nope that’s not a typo, I accidentally entered a US only competition. Fortunately I have friends over in the US and cheered up an old work friend by sending her this lovely bundle! 
  • Gorgeous candle from Ignium Candle, like and comment Instagram
  • Gordon Rhodes Stuffing bundle from Gordon Rhodes, nominated by my friend Susannah on Instagram (thank you!)
  • St Georges Day costume from Pretend to Be, Facebook like and comment.  Another competition where is suspect the random draw wasn’t so random.  I added a picture of Brooke wearing a homemade St George’s day costume!

  • A Stand Mixer from CPC packaging!! This was a simple like and comment on Instagram.  I’ve been wanting on of these for ages and was so excited to finally win one – but then it arrived and it’s definitely a well loved pre used stand mixer! I’m not one to complain as it works and is better than not having a stand mixer. However I shall continue to try and win one that’s in a bit better condition with better features (and donate this one to Chase’s food tech class).
  • £50 worth of food from Street Food, like and comment Instagram
  • An Ipad from Antalis! I have Di Coke to thank for this over at SuperLucky.  Not only did she list the competition in the first place I discovered that the free paper packs needed to enter had all been claimed. Di posted us some sheets out and despite being massively delayed in the post they turned up on closing day.  Brooke got drawing and two days later we found out she had been randomly drawn as the winner!  A huge thanks again to Di and a huge good dose of comping karma to you.

  • 5 pairs of shoes from Shoeaholics. A super generous Instagram giveaway from Shoeholics, which my friend Davina was lucky enough to win.  Because I was one of her tagged friends I also got 5 pairs of shoes, thank you Davina! 

  • Echo Dot Speaker x 2 from Kiss FM. I finally won a Bauer creative competition and so did my husband!  Both Dan and I entered their Star Wars Day competition with different photos of Star Wars costumes and were both selected as winners.  Because the prize value is below £500 we were both allowed to receive the prizes instead of one of us.
  • A Tog 24 fleece from Tog 24, another creative win for Brooke, Brooke entered their colouring competition and was selected as one of the winners. 
  • A bunch of flowers and a bottle of Blossom Hill Rhubarb Pink Fizz Gin, an ongoing promotion where the first 150 entries each week win a bunch of flowers a bottle of fizz for themselves and a nominated friend.  Find out more details over at Super Lucky

The Quarter In Review

May has been very quiet indeed for me here.  The difficulty of homeschooling three children of massively varying levels and no break from care has had me close to burn out more than once.  However it has been intersped with moments of delight, I have an even stronger bond with my children than I even thought possible.  Brooke has really caught the comping bug and has several creative wins (hopefully you’ll see more of her prizes in next month’s unboxing).


Onto June I am going to try to get the video channel up and running again.  However with Dan returning to work soon and my eldest not returning to school until at least September comping will have to take a backseat as it has done recently.  I wish everyone the best of luck over the summer months.  Get those BBQ pictures at the ready for BBQ competition season and remember to stay safe and social distance! 

Nikki x 



  1. Rebecca Beesley
    May 31, 2020 / 5:32 pm

    What a brilliant round up of the last few months. Well done. Hang in there with the homeschooling etc – it is so tough at times and we’ve just had to go with the flow on so many occasions rather than trying to do any ‘proper’ homeschool. x

    • May 31, 2020 / 4:35 pm

      My standards for home schooling massively dropped as time went on and I became a lot happier with it 😅 thanks for commenting Rebecca have a lucky June!

  2. Jeanette
    June 12, 2020 / 12:01 am

    Hi Nikki,

    my name is Jeanette and I`m from Germany and love watching your videos. . I like comping myself and win a lot of stuff e.g. a bottle of champagne worth 239 €, samsonite luggage and even a christmas tree the list goes on and on and on. Although I´m not into facebook and the other social media platforms to win stuff. All the best for you and your family. I hope we can see your videos again soon.

    Regards Jeanette

    • June 12, 2020 / 6:58 am

      Hi Jeanette thank you so much for your message it’s really made my day. Great to hear of comping success around the globe – especially when you’re not using social media – that’s quite an achievement!

      I’ve recorded everything I’ve been sent so far this month so fingers crossed my YouTube channel lets me upload this time!

      Thanks you for taking the time to comment and good luck!

      Nikki 🙂

      • Jeanette
        June 12, 2020 / 10:01 am

        Thank you Nikki I now have 6 folders that I was chosen the winner. I still working onto win some Gin!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Have a nice day!!!!!!!!!!!


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