Pepi Tales: King’s Castle by Pepi Play App Review

Pepi Tales: King’s Castle by Pepi Play App Review


I’ve previously reviewed a Pepi Play app on the blog before and was delighted to be asked at the latest in their interactive, fun and engaging apps, King’s Castle.

Pepi Tales: King’s Castle is an app for both iOS and Android featuring your very own castle filled with a huge amount of characters, toys, hidden items, magic and numerous scenes for your child to get exploring.

Pepi Tales: King's castle loading screen

Whilst on the immediate face of it you might not recognise the game as being educational once you start playing with your child you will discover that this is quite possibly one of the most creative thinking pepi play apps out there, helping to improve your child’s critical thinking, story telling and language skills.


King’s Castle is designed for ages 3-8 but could be played by older children alongside their younger siblings too. It’s a paid app with no in-app purchases and no third-party ads. You don’t need an internet connection to play so great for taking on the move.

I feel this game is at its absolute best and most beneficial when playing alongside your child.  Although that being said my daughter Brooke age 5 also asked to play own her own as she loved it so much.


The Castle is split into many different sections for you to explore, including but not limited to a Smithy where you can make weapons and armour, the King’s throne room, a stables for looking after your many animals – including a magic hen, a dungeon and a Princess’s bedroom!

Pepi Tales: King's Castle Area selection

The areas are loaded to the brim with interactive objects and everything can be picked up moved and interacted with by the 30+ characters within the game.  The game works with a very simple drag and drop interface that any child familiar with using a tablet will be able to follow.

To Navigate around the different areas of the castle you can either exit to the main castle screen or use the handy lifts provided within the castle.  The lifts also enable you to move your characters and objects absolutely anywhere you want them to go too

Pepi Tales: King's Castle Magic Hen

Hidden within the castle is treasure to find and magic eggs for the hen to hatch.  If you explore enough you can also track down some unique bars of metal ready for the smithy to turn into magical weapons.  If you get stuck then you can always ask the magic mirror for a spot of help. Tapping on her will give you a clue of where to find some interesting treasure in the castle!

Pepi Tales: King's castle character selction

As with other interactive games in the Pepi Play family there is a handy button on the home screen that will allow you to reset the game and return all the items back to their default position.  Great for when you have lost that key you needed to open a special door…


Having played Pepi Play games before both Brooke and I had a good idea of what to expect with game play, it’s a lot less rigid than other educational games which lends itself well to the story telling nature of this app.  Our most enjoyable way of playing was by making up fairytale stories using all the characters and interactive objects within the castle.  Although to be honest our story quickly dropped as soon as we found our first magic egg and crafted a weapon at the smithy – instead it became our mission to hunt down all of the magic eggs and craft every single weapon there was a space for in the smithy’s!

Pepi Tales: King's Castle, making stories

As with all apps I give my children I played the game a little bit myself before hand, this gave me the ability to have suggestions on what scenarios we could weave into our story if Brooke became a bit stuck of what to think next.

Pepi Tales: King's Castle, the magic mirror

Brooke most enjoyed exploring the castle and making all the weapons she could.  Having previously seen a real life smithy a few months ago at a museum Brooke was able to relate this to a real life skill.  Brooke also asked to look up videos of how swords and shields were actually made (in game a little hammer just hits the bars of metal and they turn into weapons).

Pepi Tales: Kings Castle

Brooke became so excited and had a real sense of achievement when she discovered something new within the game.  It’s wonderful to see children playing with no real instructions and seeing what they can come up with!


An creative and fun app that allowed Brooke to improve her story telling skills.  The free flow game play suited Brooke well and meant enjoyed returning to the app several times over, even after discovering the location of the hidden eggs and creating all the weapons.


Check out the trailer below and download your own copy for your budding Knights, Princes and Princesses on iOS and Android stores!


We were given a copy of 'Pepi Tales: King's Castle' by Pepi Play free of charge for the purpose of review.  All thoughts and opinions within this post are of my own.

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