Aquaphor, Our Must Have Family Skincare Multitasking Secret #MyAquaphor Challenge

Aquaphor kept in handbag, surrounded with winter hat, gloves and tissues - #MyAquaphorChallenge

Multitasking products are great, they cut down on my heaving, overflowing collection of (largely) unnecessary skincare and toiletry products whilst also saving space in my handbag.  One of our families favourite multitasking products is Eucerin’s Aquaphor.

We first discovered Aquaphor after being given a sample from Stylist Live over a year ago and we have come across many brilliant uses for it ever since. The lovely people at BritMums have sent me some Aquaphor and asked me to share my Aquaphor tips and tricks with you all.  So read on and discover some of our family’s favourite multitasking capabilities of this little tube of goodness.

Get your lips looking luscious

My first ever use of Aquaphor was for the simple purpose of lip balm.  Because of Aquaphor’s breathable formula it works brilliantly at hydrating your lips whilst also acting as a barrier and preventing losing more moisture.  To put it simply it keeps bad things from getting to your lips (winter weather, the effects of heating etc) but adds and keeps the moisture in, yay!

Aquaphor beng kept on bathroom side with other bathroom products - #MyAquaphorChallenge

Banish Kids Red Ring of Lip Licking

Ever heard of Factitious Dermatitis? No me neither until I looked up the medical name for the red ring around my daughter’s mouth caused by incessant lip licking.  My 5 year old has a bad habit of overlicking her lips from time to time, in the summer it causes a rash to appear, in the winter it’s even worse – coupled with the cold weather she ends up with a red scaly patch of skin just above her top lip.  Aquaphor to the rescue!

Whilst creating a barrier to stop the outside environment making the damaged skin get any worse, an anti inflammatory ingredient called bisabolol, an ingredient naturally occuring in chamomile calms the redness and quickly stops my daughter looking like she has badly overdrawn red lipstick around her mouth.

5 year old with red skin above lip caused from lip licking too much #myaquaphorchallenge

Erratic Eyebrow hair tamed

Got eyebrow hairs that have a mind of their own? Using a spoolie brush, brush a smidge of Aquaphor through your brows and watch your brows transform from those of a Rockhopper penguin to those of Cara Delevingne.  *Disclaimer You probably won’t look like Cara Delevingne but at least if you visit the zoo the penguins won’t try and get you to join their colony and ask you to egg sit.

I have annoying eyebrows that unless I use something to keep in place will drop down and make my almost non exsistent arch disappear.

Keep your nose Rudolph Free

With Autumn in full swing and winter weather already here someone in the house is bound to have a cold.  With colds come the need for lots of nose blowing and wiping which quite often lead to a nose as red as Ruldoph himself.  Whilst we do love to get into the Christmas swing, red, cracked and irritated skin from nose blowing isn’t fun for anyone.  Aquaphor again works as a barrier whilst speeding up the healing of the damaged skin and reducing the redness.

Aquaphor kept in handbag, surrounded with winter hat, gloves and tissues - #MyAquaphorChallenge

Fake tan Friendly

Wan’t to add some fake tan glow to your skin but don’t want the telltale bright orange knuckles, knees and elbow to match?  Aquaphor works fabulously as a pre moisturiser to the driest areas of your skin.  It will prevent the colour being drawn into the skin in those areas that so often cause fake tan errors.  I’m hoping to add some fake tan over the party season and will be using this trick again to avoid carrot fingers.

Keep Chins Cheerful

Regular readers to my blog will know that my eldest son has a fairly severe form of cerebral palsy.  This affects most of his muscles including the ones in his mouth, meaning even at the age of 8 he still has to sometimes wear a dribble catcher.  Dribble + chins + winter weather = horrible chin rash! We pop a touch of aquaphor on at bedtime to help heal the skin overnight and if we’re spending the day outside in the cold and he’s having a hard time keeping saliva in then we pop some on his chin to act as a barrier too.  Of course this also works brilliantly if you have tiny ones teething too!

3 children outside in the cold weatherhappy and cheering #My AquaphorChallnege
Keep little ones skin happy outside in the cold weather with Aquaphor – at least until they complain they’re too cold and want to go home…

Crappy Cuticles Cured

Every now and then I get the urge to deep clean my house (don’t worry not that often) and when I do I inevitably end up with horrible cuticles, probably because I’ve forgotten to wear gloves or the only rubber gloves I could find had holes in them and thus rendered them about as useful as a chocolate teapot.

Aquaphor works brilliantly to soothe and nourish cuticles, getting dry cracked skin back on track and my nails strong again.  Similarly Aquaphor will work on almost all very dry, cracked and irritated skin anywhere to give it the SOS skincare it needs.

Sore Bums No More

Because Aquaphor is made with only 7 ingredients it means it is gentle enough to be used pretty much anywhere on the body, even on sensitive baby’s skin.  This makes Aquaphor brilliant as a soothing balm in place of nappy cream.  That’s one less thing to have to forgot to pack in your changing bag.

Get that Dewy Fresh Glow

Glass skin is a Korean skincare goal that many (including me) would love to achieve, although you might simply know it as glossy skin or dewy skin.  It takes a lot of time and effort to get a skincare regime to get that gorgeous reflective bright glowy skin, or you can simply cheat by using Aquaphor on your cheekbones to make you look like you’ve just walked straight off a catwalk. *Disclaimer You only need a really tiny amount to get the perfect dewy cheekbone glow – or will risk looking like shiny snooker ball.

Aquaphor being stored next to a full makeup bag - #MyAquaphorChallenge

Make Perfume More Potent

Ok well maybe not more potent but you can easily use Aquaphor to make your perfume last longer.  Some of my perfume’s smell lovely but fade really quickly.  By rubbing some aquaphor on to my wrists first and then spraying the perfume on to them it really does seem to help extend the life of the perfume!

My Aquaphor Challenge

All of these uses from just one little product.  Great for saving space in your changing/hand bag or keeping in your makeup bag. Do you use this little multitasking wonder balm?  I’d love to hear if you have any ingenious uses for Aquaphor in the comments below!

This post is an entry for the BritMums #MyAquaphorChallenge, Sponsored by Eucerin.  Discover the benefits of Eucerin

Aquaphor being kept in handbag #MyAquaphorChallenge

This post is an entry for the BritMums #MyAquaphorChallenge, Sponsored by Eucerin.  I was sent a tube of Aquaphor by BritMums for the purpose of this blog post.  All thoughts and opinion are my own.


  1. November 22, 2018 / 12:50 pm

    Oh my! I knew it was versatile but this list is amazing! Good work and good luck!

    • November 22, 2018 / 1:28 pm

      Thanks so much Neill, it’s also super useful for popping on your teeth when you don’t want lipstick going on them. Not sure why I’m telling you that tip 😂

  2. December 3, 2018 / 2:20 pm

    Lovely to see you highlight so many ways you find Aquaphor helpful. Commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part

    • December 3, 2018 / 2:28 pm

      Thanks so much Kate, really enjoyed taking part

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