My Top tips for ebay Selling

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My Top Tips for selling on eBay

It’s been over a month since i published my blog post about how great decluttering is for generating cash as well as clearing your house!  I did promise a follow-up about how I made the most of my out of my junk so I though I would start with a post about eBay listings.  Ebay is where I sell most of my unwanted items!

Over the past 2 months I have managed to make (after fees) £763 just from selling off my old junk on eBay.  Research suggests the average person has around £1000 worth of junk and clutter around the house to sell.

So why eBay?  I personally prefer eBay over other methods of selling for most of my decluttering because;

The audience

It reaches a massive audience.  With the introduction of the global shipping programme it’s even become easy to sell your items abroad to.  I can’t think of any where i else I would get an international audience to sell my unwanted junk.


So yes PayPal fees are expensive and they do eat into profit.  However this is highly convenient for anyone wanting to buy something from you.  It also gives the buyers protection which makes them feel safe when doing an online transaction from a stranger.  PayPal is also super quick and will instantly send money to your bank account when you withdraw.


No fielding calls from people saying they want the item, staying in all day and then finding they don’t turn up – yep Gumtree I’m talking about you!  Your far less likely to have buyers change their mind on eBay as people don’t want a black mark against their account.

For these reasons I’m happy to forgo the eBay and PayPal fees that have grown over the years.  If you’re new to eBay then check out this amazing infographic for all you need to know about the Ecommerce giant.

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Top Tips to selling on Ebay

Dont use auctions

You might be thinking how do you sell on eBay without an auction?! The answer to this is Buy it Now.  The way people shop online is changing.  We now live in a see it, want it, buy it culture and a lot of people just don’t like waiting for an auction to end.  I’ve made the switch from auction to Buy it now for almost all my junk that i sold off and as a result I think I got a better price and a lot of it sold in a faster time frame too.  Having a set price also means I will get what i want for the item.  This removes the chance of an auction ending at 99p for something I wouldn’t wished to part with for 99p!

Research your price

Always have a look and see not only what auctions and Buy it now listings are going for, but also what they have previously sold for.  I look at the lowest and highest prices and go somewhere in the middle.  I let my Buy it Now listings run for 30 days.  If after 10 days it’s not sold i check prices again and lower if i feel its appropriate.  Sometimes it’s hard to tell how much to price an item for or as it may be rare or prices fluctuate.  In those cases….

Sometimes Auctions are better

Ok so i know this almost directly contradicts my first point.  But sometimes an auction is best for particular items.  If  you can’t  decide on a clear price or you think you may be underpricing an item then run it as an auction.  An example of a sale I had with this was husbands old broken iPhone.  We thought at best we might get £30.  When I researched the prices I noticed that prices fluctuated greatly so I decided to run it as an auction instead.  The phone ended up selling for a winning bid of £113.50.  That’s not much less than if the phone had been working in excellent condition and we’d taken it into CEX!

Pictures and descriptions help sell

This might sound like an obvious point but if there’s several items of the same on eBay a buyer will choose who they buy from partly on price, but also how well you have described the item.  Clear professional looking pictures also make a huge difference.  Make sure you have good lighting and take several pictures from different angles.  For smaller items I decided to buy a little light box like this from Amazon.  Using this light box in the evenings means I can still get great photos for my listings.

With your descriptions try to describe as much about the actual product itself.  I start off by describing the items condition as that’s the first thing I want a buyer to be aware of, before then talking about the item in general.  I like to go on websites that are selling the item new and look at their descriptions to get an idea of what to write.

List Everything

You’d be surprised at what you can sell on eBay.  Old smelly shoes just fit for the bin? wrong, stick them on eBay someone will buy them. ( I did this and sold some for £25!!! I should probably write my own blog post about this as the eBay messages I received were hilarious)  Mega old VHS players? They go for a pretty penny too on eBay!  Having the global shipping option turned on with eBay also means that items that might not speak to UK buyers will still get snapped up by International buyers.

Use your free listings

Every month each eBay seller is given 20 free listings.  You still have to pay the final valuation fees and PayPal fees but this does help keep the costs down a little bit.  Sometimes eBay send me special offers such as pay no more than £1 when you sell.  This is a great offer if you have a high value item to sell.  One you start selling you’re more likely to see more of these offers popping into your Inbox!

Postage and packaging

Make sure you know how much your postage and packaging charges are going to be BEFORE you list.  You won’t be able to revise this or ask to buyer to pay more if you get it wrong!  If I see lots of similar items to mine are being sold with free postage then I do the same and adjust my selling price accordingly (to make sure I get the amount of money I still want for my item!). Recycling old packages that you have received in the post is a great way to keep your costs down.  Kitchen digital scales are a great way of making sure you know how much the item weight is for working out postage costs in advance!

So that’s it!  There’s probably loads of other little tips out there but these are the easiest ways I’ve found to make eBay selling easy and making sure you get the most from your junk!  I’ve still got more clutter to clear so hopefully I’ll make a little bit of extra cash for over the summer holidays this year!




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