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UPDATE November 2017: The Million Eyez service has now shut down

As a blogger and semi enthusiastic photographer I’m always on the look out for great photos to add to my blog posts.  Besides, reading great big chunks of text is boring without having a picture to help convey an article.

As a semi enthusiastic photographer this means I love taking photos but a) don’t have time, and b) I’m a complete noob and most of my photos are rubbish.  Enter Million Eyez, a great new free to use online service that allows you to both quickly find quality pictures for your online article. There’s two sides to Million Eyez, you can find photos to use but you can also submit them and be credited.

Finding photos

This is great and really easy to do.  You can search for a specific photo of what you ware after that’s already been uploaded.  The other alternative is an amazing concept.  You can create your own custom photobox and request photos.  Setting a theme or a feeling for your photobox will give photographers a brief to know what to upload to the photobox .  You can select individual photos or use a whole photobox in any article.  Using a photo or photobox is completely effortless.  You simply click on the code for an individual photo or photobox, copy it, and then paste it into the html or text editor for an online article or blog post.  It automatically credits the photographer too directly on your website!

Setup a photobox

I decided to see how easy it would be to set up a photobox and went straight ahead and set up a few.  Now I have to say I’m not that great with describing pictures as a sentence or an emotion. So I decided to keep things simple using search terms I would use when looking for photos of an article.  I set up three photoboxes for flowers, candles and gaming.  I uploaded some of my own amateur photography to both flowers and candles.  Within a few hours I had contributions to both my candles and flowers photobox.  The quality of photos being added was amazing.  Flowers was very successful with some stunning and beautiful shots.  You can see the photobox below.  As you scroll through you’ll notice that all of the pictures are credited with the photographer.

I’m still waiting on any entry to be submitted to my gaming photobox.  I wonder if this is because it’s currently an empty photobox.  I’m hoping to add some decent pictures of my own to see if this attracts anymore photographers to add to it.  This brings me neatly on to how to add a photo to someone elses photobox on Million Eyez.

Adding a photo

I decided to add a few photos to my own photoboxes when i set them up, as well as adding some photos to someone elses photobox.  You might be thinking why bother?  Well for a start you will get an automatic enhanced credit link when your photo is used elsewhere.  People can click-through to your profile and see your other photos or your blog if you have that on your profile.  It’s also great to get some feedback on you photos.  Users are encouraged to leave comments on photos that are added to phototoboxes.  I’ve already had some feedback on the photos I have added and it’s been lovely boost to my self-confidence.

Will I use it again?

Definitely. it’s a completely free service and I love that you can request very specific images that you want to help fit a blog post you’re writing. It’s great to find the exact photo you want to illustrate your content without having to pay for it and having the credit automatically applied for you!  Going forward I’d love to see tags implemented as a way of searching for more simple terms as opposed to serching for themes such as ‘behind the curtain’ on photoboxes.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post.  All views here are of my own.


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