What I Won The Missing Months – May Unboxing

What I Won The Missing Months – May Unboxing

Seeing as I’ve failed to update my blog with my previous unboxings I’m catching you all up with some recap posts.  I’ve scaled back my comping a bit after I had a bit of a breakdown. However, being more picky hasn’t really had a negative effect, if anything I’m winning more of the things I want but just a smaller number of prizes.

For those of you that are new to the blog I’m a comper.  You can read more about my comping and why I do it here.  But the short story is that after having to quit work due to keep up with my sons additional needs I needed to find something that meant we could still afford the nicer things in life!

As I have a few months to cover this is going to be more of a summary of my wins, just for anyone interested in the prizes I received over the last few months.  A few items may crossover as I’m just going by what I received notification of winning rather than trying to track down when I received each item.

May Wins

May was a busy month with a total of 29 wins totalling £1261.  Highlights of the month included winning a top of the range lawnmower for my Mum just as her’s stopped working as well as a *snigger* £200 high tech penis pump – don’t even ask.  One of my other favourite prizes this month was winning a high end organic serum not just for me but also for my two friends that I tagged, taking that prize value up to £204.  It’s always lovely to win but even sweeter when I can win things for other people.

Prizes this month included;

  • ‘Now you get me’ Book, Twitter RT to win
  • Mindful Chef 2 meal boxes and a huge crate of veggie juices, Instagram Like and comment
  • Eness Cosmetics bundle, Twitter RT to win
  • Pure Day Gym Pass x 2, Lucozade Made to Move App
  • Limited edition Rainbow toothbrushes,  Facebook like and comment
  • Pomgreat vouchers x 5, Instagram like and comment
  • Avengers 3D glasses, Twitter RT to win
  • Eli Rose organic serum, Twitter RT to win (I got to send one to my friend Emma who if you read on you’ll see repays the favour!)
  • Star Wars Cushion, Facebook like and comment.  This prize was upgraded to a double Storm Trooper duvet as my original prize went missing in the post.  Kudos to Character.com the promotors for sorting to swifty.
  • Karaoke Bluetooth Microphone, Facebook – show your Eurovision party celebrations judged comp
  • Original SOurce SHower gel bundle – a prize my friend Emma won after tagging me (thanks Em!)
  • Freemans Face Mask, Twitter show a picture of your facemask
  • Swell Hair Bundle, Instagram like and comment
  • Sleeping miffy plush, Twitter RT to win
  • Gangster School book, Instagram like and comment
  • Hi Tech Penis pump (LOL), Twitter RT to win.  In all honesty I wasn’t entirely sure what I was entering for, I was in a rush and just hoped it was some new female sex toy.  My husband was mortified when it was delivered, I just laughed – a lot!
  • Peppa Pig Puzzle, Milkshake magazine email entry
  • Hankuma Treasure toy, Hankuma magazine email entry
  • Build A Bear of our choice, Effort competition for those attending MCM ComicCon
  • Nanas manners cutlery, bag and kidschup, Instagram like and comment
  • Massively huge bundle of newly published books (about £200 worth of books!), Twitter – show a picture of what you had been up to over the half term.  I posted a picture of Chase at ComicCon at Ron Weasley meeting loads of other characters from Harry Potter.  It was low entry and I think the promoters liked the booky reference.
  • GCSE Revision guides for Maths and English , RT to win
  • Trunki, another lovely prize won from a friend who nominated me to win one (thanks again to my lovely friend Emma)
  • Kids Granola bundle, RT to win
  • £50 love2shop voucher, RT to win
  • Star Wars Secrets of the Empire AR experience for 4, online entry form
  • Star Wars Kylo Ren Soft Toy, Facebook show us your Chewbacca impression.  This was a judged comp and couldn’t believe I won this year as well as last year.  Neill from the golden luck muscle has also had the same luck winning two years in a row.  I’m looking forward to seeing who we have to do an impersonation of next year!
  • Huge Cleaning bundle of Method products, Instagram Like and comment


May was a very good month for comping.  Just going to warn you the following months go a bit downhill from here.  Keep an eye on the blog for the June and July posts coming soon.  I’ll be back in August with a speed unboxing video!







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