Kupocon 2019 Glasgow – The Wee Pom

Kupocon 2019 Glasgow – The Wee Pom

Kupocon is a Final Fantasy fan event made by fans, for fans of the amazing game series that is Final Fantasy. I’ve previously blogged about my favourite ever convention days outs to Mind The Pom and Pomingham Palace. Earlier this year I was super excited to head up with Mr Glam & Geeky to Scotland for The Wee Pom!

The Wee Pom 2019

At the start of this year Kupocon returned to the UK to a brand new venue – Glasgow!  A whooping 650 tickets were sold and a huge number of Final Fantasy fans descended on the Hilton Glasgow for a day of celebrating all things Final Fantasy, some of the best Final Fantasy merch that I have ever seen in my life, general shenanigans and overpriced drinks (courtesy of the Hilton Glasgow)

A quick reminder for those of my blog readers who don’t know what Final Fantasy is…


Final Fantasy is a mainly RPG game series that debuted in 1987 on the NES.  Changes in gameplay have happened throughout the years but the series has a massive fan following.  I started playing Final Fantasy VII when I was 15 and was besotted with it.  Never had I played anything like it and the storyline had me hooked,  I’ve since played all the games in the series.

If you have never played a Final Fantasy game in your life stop reading this blog post and go and play one NOW!

Getting There

I haven’t been on a plane since me and husband Dan jetted of to Las Vegas 4 years ago to get married – so I was rather excited to be using our Pringles Flights we both won to fly from Heathrow to Glasgow. We decided to use the pod transfer at Heathrow which if you haven’t used before I highly recommend. Cue random video montage of our journey.

last 5 seconds of the video is actually the best thing about the entire 2 minutes and 56 seconds….

Start of The Day

This Kupocon was the first I have ever attended with my husband. I don’t know if the stars and planets aligned but by some crazy chance we had full childcare in place and were able to take some time to head up to Glasgow for an actual weekend away. I’m not sure what we were more excited about initially, the convention or the prospect of a lie in.

VIP tickets

We had paid for VIP tickets which gave us priority registration, and some rather cool loot. I have to say that this Kupocon was the smoothest registration I have ever experienced and we were in with our loot bags within a matter of minutes.

Wall Street

The Wee Pom -Wall Street
The Wee Pom -Wall Street

The Wee Pom boasted the largest array of stalls and merchants at any Kupocon yet. From amazing prints, pin badges, clothing, crochet chocobos to Final Fantasy projection clocks there was something for everyone.

Final Fantasy merchandise, Moogle notebooks
One of the many stalls selling gorgeous Final Fantasy Merch at Wall Street
Kupocon The Wee Pom - Wall Street

Not located in wall street but worthy of a mention here was my first purchase of the day was the Final Fantasy Novella – The Nibelheim incident written by Mo Gallagher.

The Nibelheim Incident, Final Fantasy Novella written by Mo Gallagher
The Nibelheim Incident, Final Fantasy Novella written by Mo Gallagher

Mo is a regualr guest at Kupocon and has now written three books all based on the events of Final Fantasy 7. I had my book signed and then headed back over to Wall Street to get the book signed by the cover artist AJ Hateley.

AJ Hateley standing at her print stand at Kupocon The Wee Pom
AJ Hateley and her amazing artwork prints

AJ had a wonderful stall selling some Kupocon exclusive prints which me and husband snapped up. I’ve previously purchased a lot of her art from her website Gametee and can’t wait to put it all up when we move house shortly. My favourite print that I purchased was the print of Red XIII from Final Fantasy VII

AJ Hateley exclusive Kupocon Art prints, MakoPower, Red XIII, The Nibelheim incident and Vivi
Amazing art from AJ


The opening ceremony for the day included the regular Cosplay parade. Now usually I take pictures of all of the cosplayers and make a montage video but this Kupocon was going to be different….because for the first time ever I went in cosplay myself as Vanille from Final Fantasy XIII.

Vanille cosplay Final Fantasy 13 XIII

I was very nervous to go and get in the queue by myself but as i went to join the end of the queue I ran into a familiar face, a lovely Final Fantasy fan named Emma who I had met in a queue at Pomingham Palace with and had stayed in contact with on Twitter since. Thankfully Emma didn’t mind me standing with her in the queue so I felt a lot less nervous than if I had stood on my own. Eventually it was my turn to take to the stage! I blurted put my name and who i was cosplaying before heading over to have my photograph taken by the photographers. I still have no idea how to pose…case in point.

Myself dressed as Vanille from Final Fantasy XIII having my photo taken by the photographer during the cosplay parade at Kupocon the wee pom
Having my photograph taken by Toneagraphy during the Cosplay Parade

There were many other amazing cosplayers that I saw over the course of the day. I wish I’d taken more pictures, but I had vowed this Kupocon to actually try and spend as much time being present and enjoying the moments rather than trying to grab photos and videos every minute for my blog post ( an ‘occupational’ hazard of being a blogger). Here are just some of the brilliant cosplayers I met during the day.

Amazing lady cosplaying as Gladio riding a chocobo at Kupocon the wee pom
Gladio riding his Chocobo! FFXV
Amano inspired Relm cosplay at Kupocon the wee pom
Amano inspired Relm Arrowny FFVI – Mana Cosplay
Cloud and Sephiroth cosplayers battling each other at Kupocon the wee pom
Cloud (Spindash Adventures) VS Sephiroth FFVII – Advent Children
My husband with Zorn and Thorn cosplayers from Final Fantasy IX at Kupocon the wee pom
Dan with Zorn and Thorn FFIX
White mage and blue mage cosplay at Kupocon the wee pom
White and Blue Mage by Kimono Owl (ooh shiny props) FFXIV


Kupocon kazoos, kupocon moogle pin badge, Save game moogle pin badge, Vivi pin badge and chocobo and moogle stickers
Kazoo Power – plus the most gorgeous pin badges from Kupocon merch and Tea No Sugar

Let’s talk loot. As VIP ticket holders we got a cool amount of loot in our bags as well as booster packs for the addictive Tri-Pom (the Kupocon card game based on FFVIII triple triad). The highlight of my bag though was the Mogzart volume II CD. This amazing CD detaures Final Fantasy music composed by Pontus Hultgren.

Kupocon The Wee Pom VIP lanyard, Book of Morwitz, Kupocon pen, Mogzart volume 2, Kupocon bag all surrounded by many Tripom cards
Kupocon The Wee Pom commemorative tickets signed by all the guest from the wee pom
Our signed commemorative tickets, soon to be frames

The new Book of Morwitz Artwork is probably my favourite art work I’ve seen yet. As usual it contained lots of quests to take part in – as well as Hunts. The Hunts consisted of tracking down cosplayers and scoring points based on the difficulty of getting the photo.

Ardyn cosplayer attacking Noctis Cosplayer at Kupocon the wee pom
Ardyn attacking Noctis, a picture captured for the Book of Mog hunts

There was so much going on this Kupocon I didn’t manage to finish all my hunts but managed to get a few done which I then cashed in for Gil to spend at the merch desh – cha ching!

The book of morwitz opened to show the hunt page, next to several notes of gil.
The Book of Morwitz, and Gil, lot and lots of lovely lovely gil

Guests & Signings

VIP tickets meant signing was included AND probably most importantly we had a priority queuing window. Less time spent queueing meant more time Kupoconning. The Wee Pom’s guests included

  • Robbie Draymond – Voice of Prompto (FFXV)
  • Quinton Flynn – Voice of Reno (FFVII) and Voice of Axel (Kingdom of Hearts)
  • Mo Gallagher – Author of FFVII Novelisation
  • Pontus Hultgren – Creator of Mogazart
  • Liam Mulvey – Motion Capture and voice of Libertus Ostium (Kingsglaive)
  • Will Bowden – Motion Capture and voice of Pelna / Pruvia Colpus (Kingsglaive)
  • Adrian Bouchet – Motion Capture and voice of Titus Drautos (Kingsglaive)

Thats a lot of guests! I’d previously been lucky enough to meet some of the members of Kingsglaive at other Kupocons but there was something very special about them all this time……

Adrian Bouchet, Will Bowden and Liam Mulvey (Kingsglaive) in cosplay at Kupocon the wee pom
Kingsglaive – in full cosplay!

They were all in cosplay as their characters! One of the standout moments of my day as talking to Adrian Bouchet about how amazing it must be to actually embody his character for real costume and all. You could just see how much it meant to him to actually be wearing the clothes of a character he delivered so well as the voice actor.

After chatting to the Kingsglaive and getting some signatures on my commemorative Kupocon ticket I then headed over to met Robbie and Quinton. Both of them were so easy to talk to and I didn’t even have time to feel my usual awkward self. I did grab a selfie with Quinton, only to find out afterwards it was blurry AF, oops.

I have to say that Robbie was an absolute bundle of infectious energy and pure joy to meet, I would absolutely love to see him again at another convention. I couldn’t believe how much in real life he was actually like his character Prompto!

Selfie with Robbie Draymond, VA of Prompto
The wonderful Robbie Draymond

Both Mo Gallagher and Pontus Hultgren had panels during the day which Dan and I went along to.

Mo Gallagher chatting to Alex Maine  at Kupocon the wee pom- Alex has his eyes closed
Mo Gallagher’s panel at The Wee Pom, wearing mandatory kilt

I loved hearing about the development of their respective creative outlets and I’m always in awe of the sheer level of talent they both display. I’m so pleased that their talent is channeled into the world of Final Fantasy and we get to share in that with them.

Pontus Hultgren chatting to Alex Maine at Kupocon the wee pom - Alex has his eyes closed yet again
Pontus Hultgren’s panel at the Wee Pom – yes Alex has his eye’s closed in this picture too.


Throughout the day there were panels featuring all of the guests, each of which I attended, the panels are one of my favourite parts of Kupocon.

Kingsglaive Panel at Kupocon The Wee Pom
Rabbie Draymond Panel discussing who has the greater bromance, Ray Chase and Robbie Draymond or Alex Maine and Alan Kenny
Quinton Flynn panel at Kupocon The Wee Pom

Kupocon however comes into its own when ATEs occur (Active Time Events previously known as FATES). This is where you have to stop what you are doing and take part in an event – and this year there were some truly amazing ATEs.

A Chocobo cosplayer and Riona cosplayer stand either side of a Kupocon attendee wearing a kupocon t-shirt, all attempting to jump over a skipping rope at the same time - Kupocon the wee pom
The skipping mini game from FF IX brought to life!

From cosplayers skipping, attendees squatting, mass kazoo playing to cheerleading – there was a plethora of hilarious events to join in and witness.

Actual Real life Ultros plushie taking a selfie whilst he watches several Kupocon cosplayers and attendees get ready to take part in an Active Time Event at Kupocon the weepom
Ultros watching attendees getting ready to take part in the Junon parade from FFVII

Perhaps my favourite of the day though was something known as Distant Woos. A take on Distant Worlds – the Final Fantasy Orchestral concert series, but this time with kazoos! The idea itself was brilliant on it’s own but when a Sephiroth cosplayer randomly got up and started conducting the entire song the entire thing reached an all time level of phenomenal. I just want to say a massive thank you to Jack the Sephiroth cosplayer for providing such a memorable moment.

If you hate the sound of Kazoo’s don’t watch this. Or maybe watch it and realise they sound absolutely beautiful when done to the tune of One Winged Angel


The closing ceremony was absolutely packed and everyone was preparing for all of the feels. The ceremony saw several awards being given out to both cosplayers and outstanding members of the Kupocon community. The cosplay award (decided by the organisers and volunteers of the event) was given to this amazing Miqo’te cosplayer

Red Mage Miqo'te cosplayer at Kupocon the Wee Pom
Brilliant Red Mage Miqo’te cosplay – winner of the cosplay award

The Nobleman Award as voted for by the attendees of Kupocon was the amazing Gladio riding a Chocobo featured earlier in the blog post. I can only imagine how long it took to build that cosplay, and felt the award was really well deserved

Several Final Fantasy cosplayers on stage lining up waiting to be interviewed by Alex Maine to find out who has won the Nobleman Cosplayer award.
All the finalists of the Nobleman award

I even ended up with a few votes myself this year – a huge thank you to anyone who did give me a card to vote for me, I really wasn’t expecting it at all, the level of cosplay at Kupocon is unreal.

There were more Kazoo’s during the closing ceremony…

Yay Chocobos!

The other stand out moment from the closing ceremony was the Warrior of Light Award. This year it was given to the very talented Tony Hitchinson. Tony has attended a huge number of Kupocons as a photographer and provides so many amazing memories of the day for everyone.

Kupocon The Wee Pom Warrior of light winner Tony Hitchinson being swamped by a giant cuddle of Kupocon love (AKA all the team and volunteers)
Tony Hitchinson being swamped with hugs by the entire Kupocon team and volunteers

You can see his and the other photographers pictures of the day if you head over to the Kupocon Community Facebook group.


The theme to this Kupocons evening event was ‘Mog’s House Party’ (yes that’s a direct reference to Noel’s House Party). So naturally the evening started with Alex the creator of Kupocon wearing a Noel Edmonds wig and hosting a rather long game of Deal or No Deal – rebranded to Gil or No Gil (Gil is the in game currency of Final Fantasy). Participants won some rather cool Kupocon loot with one lucky winner taking away a very limited edition leather moogle plush (only 777 made!).

Alex Maine and Liam Mulvey trying to hold it together whilst hosting Gil or No Gil
Gil or No Gil – The longest (and funniest) Deal or No Deal ever to take place

You can watch the entire Gil or No Gil saga unfold here with all credit to Skybot Film & Entertainment

I decided to wear the most ridiculous pair of boots to the evening ceremony which I later realised would be no good for doing a giant Kinga (like a conga line, but that goes on forever). So i ended up having to abandon my boots and changed into my flats in the end. it was worth it though I managed to keep up for the entire Kinga!

Ginger haired girl (me) wearing miqo'te ears, a red tartan dress with chocobos and Cactuars on it black thigh high boots in front of Gil no gil set up at the evening event of Kupocon the wee pom
Going Out Out clothes – can’t remember the last time I wore going out out clothes!

Chocobo racing also took place during the evening where Alex and the guests don leather chocobo masks and race on space hoppers -unfortunately I missed this as it took that long to get out of my lace up boots (sad face). I have however managed to piece together a few minutes of the highlights of the evening that I captured

I meet up with some of my lovely friends I made during the last Kupocon and loved how chilled out the evening ceremony was. I didn’t get anywhere near as drunk as I did at the last Kupocon, because I knew I had to get up in the morning and catch a flight home to look after small people again – that and the Hilton bar was really expensive!

Me having a selfie with the real life Noel Edmonds wearing a kilt (ok so it's my friend Anthony wearing a stick on beard, the world's worst shirt a Noel Edmonds wig and a kilt that has a Final Fantasy bomb as the sporran)
The real Noel Edmonds, wearing a kilt, because Glasgow.

Kupocon High and Lows

I am always amazed at how friendly the people I meet at every single Kupocon are. Every single volunteer, guest and attendee i spoke to was just so ridiculously nice and I loved talking to other people about our shared love for Final Fantasy.

The Wee Pom was the most well thought out, organised and busy Kupocon I have attended so far. There was so much to do I felt it could have easily ran for two days with repeats of the panel for those that missed them the first time round. I attended all the panels but missed out on spending time doing the other activities that were put on.

If you’re after more Kupocon content then keep an eye on fellow attendee and previous Warrior of Light award winner Ami Plays youtube channel for her Wee Pom vlog

Selfie with Youtuber Warrior of Light Ami from AmiPlays at Kupocon the wee pom

Kupocon Withdrawals

The Kupo-comedown after the Wee Pom hit me hard this time round. I suppose actually having a chance to spend some child free quality time with my husband and then to immediately return to the children and find everyone unwell (myself included) made it especially hard. This is partly why this blog post is being published a whole month after I attended the event. Husband Dan enjoyed his first Kupocon and we will both be coming to the biggest Kupocon to date Pomex which will be held in London in September this year.

Kupocon is a special type of convention. It’s more than just a fan based event, it’s a family. It’s the only convention that I feel like you’re there enjoying the day alongside the guests, a participant rather than a spectator. There’s something so special about these events which make me want to return time and time again. If you’ve never been to a Kupocon but want to know more of be part of this amazing community then you can check out the Kupocon website or head over and join the chat in the community Facebook group.

I want to finish with a special thank you to Alex Maine creator of Kupocon as well to Alan Kenny, the volunteers and all of their respective family members/friends who support and enable them to do what they do for the community. You took a chance to make something special, and for that I am so, so grateful 🙂

Alex Maine hugging Alan Kenny with a huge amount of affection from both parties at Kupocon the wee pom
All the feels from the ultimate bromance of Alex Maine and Alan Kenny
Alex Maine holding a bottle of HP sauce at Kupocon the wee pom
If you know, you know.

I purchased our tickets for Kupocon The Wee Pom with our own money.  All merchandise and loot acquired was done so out of our own pocket, I wasn't asked to write a review for the event, it's just a fan event I am very passionate about and wanted to share with you all! 


  1. Marielle
    August 7, 2019 / 10:51 pm

    Hi! I kinda stumbled onto this page while I was browsing the net for some information on KupoCon. I’ll be flying in from Holland this September to visit this Con for the very first time. As a Final Fantasy fan, I want to experience it at least once. But I also didn’t really know what to expect, so it was really nice to see someone sharing their thoughts and feelings about KupoCon in such detail. I found it really helpful. Thanks for that. Now I’m even more excited! 😀 Just have to decide on what cosplay to wear.

    Seems like KupoCon has enough to offer to keep you entertained during the day. But I have my reservations about the evening celebration. I’ll be going to Pomplosion solo and well, in my experience, a party is usually best enjoyed when you’re with friends. Should I worry about being bored?

    Also… just a thought I had. How diverse is the crowd? I’m a woman of thirty-three (but forever feeling like a 23 y/o — while looking like I’m 43 y/o when I get too little sleep.) Should I expect people to adress me as “grandma”? ;D Or is KupoCon attended by young and old? Just curious.

    Would be great to hear from you.


    • August 7, 2019 / 10:53 pm

      This comment has made my day! I’m still twiddling my fingers with my cosplay and havn’t even started yet – I’m blaming the fact it’s the 6 week holidays and the kids are keeping me too busy.

      I would say the crowd is very diverse, I’m 37 and my husband is 43 and we’ve never felt out of place in the community at all, even at the evening celebrations. I’ve met some amazing people at Kupocon and have got to know them very well at the evening events, one person I’ve grown so close to that were planning a trip to Japan together.

      If you’re worried about being on your own at the evening celebration your more than welcome to come and find me and say hi! But no doubt you will have met lots of people during the day too that you’ll want to celebrate pomplosion with too 🙂

      • Marielle
        August 11, 2019 / 7:52 pm

        Thank you so much for your swift reply! I’m a bit late with answering though, whoops.

        Six week holiday… I wish I was a kid again, to be able to enjoy such freedom. But yeah, for you I can imagine not being able to spare much time for cosplay when you’ve got kids who all want your attention. 😉

        About cosplay, I’m not sure just what to do with that either. I just had another costume event that put my personal life on hold for quite a bit while trying to get everything finished – I’m not up for a repeat of that anytime soon, especially with so little time left. So anything I wear will be something I already own or something that will be bought. Simple as that. If KupoCon turns out to be so amazing that it makes me want to come back again… well, then, in that case I’ll make sure to whip out the sewing machine far ahead of time. 😉

        I know Final Fantasy has been around for a long time, so logically speaking, it can’t be just all young fans. But still, it’s nice to hear you say that KupoCon draws people from all ages.

        Your story about meeting someone sounds very similar to when I met a girl 10 years ago at a Con & we became best of friends… & we’ve also been to Japan together a few times. ;D (…Just the other day we were discussing how much we missed it. I would love to go back next year… fingers crossed.) I don’t know if it’ll be your first trip to Japan or not… but I personally don’t think I can ever grow bored with Japan. I love the food (not sushi though, ugh), karaoke, nature, shopping, hot springs and not to sound like a big dork… their arcade halls too. (+ I love those purakuri photo booths.). Even at times where I was travelling through Japan alone, I never felt unsafe. Sorry if I’m gushing too much… I just have many fond memories & I think it’s a wonderful place to travel and have adventures. 🙂 Do you plan to go with just your friend or with your family as well?

        About Pomplosion… I guess I’ll see what happens. I can’t predict if I’ll meet people to hang out with.. but I plan to give it my all to have a good time, regardless. Is it better to dress light for the occasion? (Lots of people in the room, might get hot, etc?) Yeah, who knows, you might see me. If a woman greets you — who looks to be 30+, still wears braces in her mouth (BUT! getting to the final stage YES) and appears a whoppin’ 5’9 tall, it might very well be me. 😉


        • August 11, 2019 / 9:12 pm

          It shall be my first trip to Japan! I’m hoping to do two trips, one with my friend and one with my husband. My kids are still a little too young to manage the jet lag but when they’re older depending on accessibility I will take them all!

          I’m actually laughing so hard at your last comment about a 30+ woman wearing braces (but in the last phase) – you’ve just described me!!!! Really hope we get the chance to say hi X

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