Kupocon 2017 London – Mind The Pom 

Kupocon 2017 London – Mind The Pom 

Kupocon Mind the Pom 2017

I was beyond excited this year to attend an amazing Final Fantasy fan event called Kupocon. Kupocon was first held earlier this year in Newark, America before coming to London.

What is Final Fantasy?

So I realise not all my blog readers will know what Final Fantasy is.  Final Fantasy is a game series that debuted in 1987 on the NES.  Changes in gameplay have happened throughout the years but the series has a massive fan following.  The first Final Fantasy game I ever played was Final Fantasy VII on the PlayStation.  I was 15 at the time and it just blew me away.  The storyline, the mini games the 3D characters on the 2D pre-rendered backgrounds. I think in total I’ve played through FF7 about 7 times now.  I’ve gone on to play every single game in the series (even tried both the MMORPGs) as well as gone back and played the previous instalments prior to FF7.  If you don’t know anything about Final Fantasy I urge you to at least play the latest installment in the game; Final Fantasy XV.

Mind The Pom

Mind the Pom was the name given to Kupocon for London 2017.  My friend Sam who is also a massive Final Fantasy fan asked if to wanted to go with her as part of her 30th birthday celebrations, which of course I did!


We were so excited we got to the Royal National hotel as early as we could to make sure we got a good seat. We needn’t have worried.  As Sam and I had purchased premium Anima tickets we got registered by You-tubers Nerdstrodamus themselves and then found seats reserved for Anima guests right at the front.  Sam and I did lots of happy dances about this.

Being an Anima ticket holder also meant we got some very cool loot!

Anima Loot

My loot bag contained so much! We got a starter pack of Tri-Pom cards (more on this later!) as well as a special booster pack.   I love the Kupocon printed bag we got all of our loot in (and this is now my go-to shopping bag!)

Also in the bag was a commerative ticket and the very  important quest log for the day!

I also received downloads for Final Fantasy music and an amazing Final Fantasy VII novel. The author Mo was at Kupocon which meant I could get my booked signed!

And of course The loot came with a Kupocon Mind the Pom T-Shirt!  We were also given grey Kupocon wristbands which denoted us as Anima ticket holders.


We deliberated about going in cosplay but as neither of us had ever dabbled in it before we decided to hold off (big regret!). There were so many cosplayers at the event, and a ridiculous number of jaw dropping amazing outfits.  I’ve made a YouTube video of all the cosplayers I managed to get a photo of which you can check out below.


There was a whopping 50 amazing Tri-Pom cards to collect over the course of the day.These are based on Triple Triad.  Triple Triad is an addictive card mini game from Final Fantasy VIII. Some were only obtainable  with the special booster packs and some from certain events during the day or from activities in your quest log! I managed to collect a total of 49 and was gutted when I got home and realised I was just missing one of them.  Luckily Sam has a spare one for me and when I next see her my collection will be complete. I’ll update this post with a picture of them all.

Quest Log

The quest log was exactly what you think it is! A list of all your quests to collect your special cards.  From finding a staff member working overtime, uttering special obscure passwords from Final Fantasy games to physical challenges (squats anyone?).  We had so much fun making sure we completed our quest logs and getting our card collection together.


There was just so much on, it was unreal. We didn’t stop all day.  The day started with an introduction from Nerdstrodamus.  This was followed by the best Pokemon/Final Fantasy mash up ever (see below) and then the cosplay catwalk.

There were also panels throughout the day including the all important discussion of which is the best Final Fantasy in the series.  For me FF7 will always be my favourite.  Unless it gets destroyed during the remake.

There were also many fun games to play, my favourites included the Chocobo Ranch, where teams had to collect balloons and peck them open to find gems.  Qu’s marsh where frogs had to be thrown into Quina Quen’s net,  and the hilarious Anyway the wind blows event.  The last two events were run by Conquest Interactive and were massive highlights of the day.
I can’t write this blog post without mentioning the Big Bro’s squat challenge (FF7) and Yevon Yoga (FFX).  Both fun physical events that saw us (and a giant cup noodle) doing 30 squats, and then some peaceful yoga as well.


It would be a convention without special guests and signings would it! We were so lucky to have Ray Chase (the voice actor of Noctis from FF15), John Campling (the face actor for King Regis FF15) as well as Liam Mulvey (the voice and face actor from FF15’s film Kingsglaive). They were all brilliant additions to the convention, joining in, chatting on many of the panels, singing and sitting for some hours for the signings!  What I especially loved about Kupocon is that signings were included in the price of the ticket.  As Anima ticket holders we got priority queuing which meant we didn’t miss out of any of the other events that’s were on at the some time as the signings.

Ray, John and Liam were all so lovely and we got selfies with all three and I got my FFXV game poster signed.  My poster is extra special to me because I won it at the Final Fantasy XV /Kingsglaive launch event held at Odeon Cinemas.

Ray Chase

Jon Campling

Liam Mulvey

My signed poster

This is going to be framed and placed pride of place in our front room when we decorate this year.  Sam and I also managed to grab a picture with Nerdstrodamus too (yay! – even if I do look like the most akward person in the world ever)


Wall  Market

Wall market was a section of the convention where you could try your hand at drawing a moogle, make an origami Chocobo (I totally failed on this) as well as check out many cool wares from Merchants and vendors.  I bought myself a bunch of cute pin badges!

Additional booster packs of Tri-Pom cards and Card boxes were also available.  I couldn’t say no

The opportunity to win some amazing Final Fantasy prizes was on Wall Market.  To enter the raffle you had to complete the Chocobo racing hoops course from Final Fantasy XV in under a minute.  I managed to smash it at just under 30 seconds.  As a reward I was entered into the raffle and also got some Moogle Munch popcorn and a LDNGaymers flyer

Evening Event

An evening event was also available.  This was a lot more informal and all the conventions guests and attendees stayed for it.  Next year my kids will all be that little bit older so I plan to stay on for the evening celebrations.

Kupocon UK 2018

It’s already been confirmed that Kupocon will be returning to the UK next year with a new set of Tri-Pom cards.  I am stoked that this event has done so well that it was immediately announced.  As soon as tickets are available I shall be buying my ticket as well as planning cosplay.  The only question is, who do I cosplay as?!

You can view more pictures and photos of the event and find out more about Kupocon on their facebook page.  Tickets for Kupocon 2018 in London (rather cleverly named Pommingham Palace) go on sale at 2pm of 9th of June.  Grab your ticket as soon as possible as I think the limited tickets are going to sell out faster than Cloud riding a golden Chocobo at the Golden Saucer!

I’m going to leave this post with one of my favourite moments of the day.  Ray Chase doing his best impression of Ignis…



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