John Adams Chocolate Lolly Maker Review

John Adams Chocolate Lolly Maker Review

Children love chocolate (fact).  Sometimes I wish they didn’t love it quite as much as they do, but every now and then I think it’s nice to have as a treat.  For part of my daughter Brooke’s Christmas presents Santa brought a fabulous Chocolate Lolly Maker from John Adams.

John Adams Chocolate Lolly Maker Review

John adams chocolate lollipop maker review

On the Box

Melt, mould and wrap four fun shapes, you can even add a secret message to the back! Wrap them up as gifts for your friends, if you haven’t eaten them all first!

  • Melt, mould and wrap 4 fun chocolate lolly shapes- a flower, heart, horse and rabbit.
  • Simply melt and pour chocolate into the moulds and add a secret message to the back.
  • Shiny bags and tie on ribbons provided.

The box contained everything we needed to make our lollies, apart from the chocolate itself.

Picking a Mould and secret message

Four different moulds were included in the set as well as 8 different stamps to create a secret message in the back of the lollies.  We decided to just make two lollies initially to see how we got on.

Melting The Chocolate

To melt the chocoate you fill up the small chocolate melting pot with hot (not boiling water).  The instructions recommend that you use chocolate buttons for melting, which we were pleased we decided to do.  I really didn’t think that the chocolate would melt very well but was pleasantly surprised to see that with stirring the chocolate melted fairly quickly.  Brooke decided she wanted to use two different types of chocolate on her lolly.  We both found it quite hard to get the chocolate in accurately but managed to do a semi decent job I think!

After some washing up – and refilling of the hot water in the chocolate melter we laid the reuseable sticks into the lolly moulds and filled with milk chocolate.

Secret Messages

Suitably covered in chocolate Brooke then moved her chocolate lollies into the freezer to set.  After 10 minutes it was time to remove them to put the secret message on the back of the lollies.  Our first lolly had set a bit too quickly and our second lolly had not set enough.  In future makes I will make sure I time it for individual lollies.  It took Brooke quite a while to fill up her second lolly mould which is why I think there was a discrepancy.

Wrapping Your lollies

The lollies can be left to set in the freezer or fridge but take substantially longer if left in a fridge.  We went off and had our dinner and then came back to find our lollies had set.  The light had also unfortunately faded to the next few shots have a wonderful kitchen strip lighting effect to them!

The wrapping station gives you somewhere to hold the lollies and then twist the cellophane around them.  I really struggled to get ours to keep the lolly still and ended up holding it whilst Brooke moved the dial to wrap the cellophane around it.

The Final Results

I thought for a first attempt the lollies came out really well.  They looked lovely once wrapped and would make lovely presents for Brooke to give to her friends.  The lolly maker is designed for ages 6 and up but with close supervision Brooke at the age of 4 was able to make the lollies and had great fun doing so.


This was an excellent present from Santa and I’m sure will get much love over time.  It’s great that everything bar the wrappers are reuseable, which means you only need to be buying some chocolate buttons when you want to create some lovely looking lollies.

I think the John Adams Lolly Maker makes a great rainy day activity and Brooke loved getting creative in the kitchen making something that she could gift to other people.  The only thing I would like to have seen is a slightly bigger melting pot and maybe the availability of some new moulds to purchase.

Did your children get any creative presents from Santa this year? Comment below and let me know what crafty things they’ve been up to.

We were not asked to write a review of this product by John Adams, we just decided to share our chocolate covered experience with you!


  1. January 8, 2018 / 5:31 pm

    We had the chocolate coin maker a few years ago which was fun. Not sure what you do when you run out of the gold foil to wrap them. I might share how we get on with Sprinkle Stix, this should be fun! I enjoyed reading you review, it was great. X

    • January 8, 2018 / 5:32 pm

      Thanks Corina, would love to see how you get on with sprinkle stix, please do blog about it 😊

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