How To Fix Missing Twitter Notifications

How To Fix Missing Twitter Notifications

Do you ever notice that you seem to think you are missing Twitter notifications and they are not showing on your notifications screen – even though they should do?  Maybe you just don’t seem to be getting many responses even though you are an active user on Twitter.

Twitters Notification Quality Filter

That’s because you probably have Twitter’s totally awesome notification quality filter turned on.  This fab quality filter will do a great job at deciding what you should and shouldn’t see in your notifications.  From close friends that you interact with commonly to notifications telling you you’ve won a competition.  Twitter can filter them all out if it thinks they’re not important to you.

I first noticed this strange phenomena when i was on my mobile.  I had a mobile notification banner pop up to say my friend had tweeted a reply to me.  When I later went into the app and went to notifications to quickly look at it there was no notification.  However when i went to my friends timeline the reply was clearly there!

After some digging I discovered that I had a notification quality filter turned on ( which I hadn’t turned on myself)  As soon as I turned it off a whole bunch of notifications I hadn’t been aware off appeared on my notifications.

How to Fix Missing Twitter Notifications

So just how do you fix this problem?  It’s quite simple and easy to do, follow the instructions below for both mobile and desktop to fix the quality filter.  Be aware that it seems that Twitter turned this feature on automatically.  You may not even realise that your notifications are currently being filtered!


  1. Go to notifications Tab
  2. Tap on the cog-wheel
  3. Make sure the Quality Filter option is turned off


  1. Got to Notifications Page
  2. Click on the word settings
  3. Look down the page to the advanced tab
  4. Make sure the quality filter is un-ticked

That’s it!  If your filter had been turned on you may notice immediately on your notifications that there are suddenly more than previously.  A member of a comping group I belong to recently followed these instructions and discovered they had won 2 competitions, which they would have completely missed otherwise!

Let me know if your quality filter was on, did you find any surprising notifications when you turned it off? let me know in the comments below.  Why not take a look at my other posts about comping?

How to fix missing twitter notifications



  1. February 2, 2019 / 2:51 am

    I just tried it, and it didn’t solve my particular problem. The likes and replies of one particular follower/followee still don’t appear on my notifications page. If I go directly to one of my tweets that they’ve replied to, I can’t see their reply threaded beneath it, either. The only way I can see them is by visiting their “with replies” page. As far as I know, this problem only occurs with one account. It’s bizarre.

    • February 2, 2019 / 8:58 am

      That’s strange! This sounds like there’s something going on with that person’s Twitter account rather than your notifications though. Is it possible they’ve been shadowbanned by Twitter?

      • February 2, 2019 / 10:03 pm

        Shadowbanning is a possibility, I suppose, since my Twitter associate and I are both politically controversial as radical youth liberationists. Thanks for the reply.

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