How to find low entry competitions – Mastering Twitter lists

How to find low entry competitions – Mastering Twitter lists

Welcome to the second part of my blog series all about finding low entry competitions.  If you’ve not yet read the first part in the series then go and read up now how to master search engines here.   If you know how to make a twitter list then you can skip to how to master Tweet deck here. The long-term aim of this series is to teach you how to use tweet deck to find low entry competitions on twitter.  As this is such a huge massive topic I’ve broken the sections down to make it easier to learn.


The second part of the series is all about twitter lists.  Mastering twitter lists and learning how to use them is important if you want to be able to master tweet deck.  I’m going to be showing you in this post how to set up lists and why they are useful for finding competitions.  In the blog post I’ll be doing this using screenshots from the Twitter app.  If you prefer to watch videos then scroll do the bottom of this post and watch the video demonstration using the twitter website instead. Or for an even better understanding read the blog post and then watch the video too.

Why are twitter lists useful for comping

The main reason I find lists so useful is that they can be cleverly filtered in Tweetdeck.  If you have a list of known companies that run giveaways you can filter the list by the word ‘win’.   Tweetdeck will then show you all of the tweets from the accounts you have added to that list that contain the word win.  This is a mega quick and easy way to find competitions.

You can also create or find lists that are set up with your comping friends.  This is useful if you want one place just to see what your comping friends are tweeting.  A very important point to mention here.  Not all compers like being added to twitter lists.  Some may block you if you do. Equally some dont like being retweeted directly.  More on this later.

The other final reason I personally use twitter lists is to keep together all the accounts that I like to comment or RT or like that are NOT comping related.  (Again more on why this is important later).

So enough of my jibber jabber and on with actually showing you some things!

Setting up your own twitter list.

I’ve set up an account specifically to show you what it looks like when you first start adding lists on for the purpose of this blog post.  If you want to see follow my actual day-to-day twitter account that i comp and blog from then click here!

First off log into your account and tap on your profile picture on the top left.  From this screen then tap on lists.

You’ll see two top sections.  Subscribed to and Member of.  If you’ve not yet made any lists or subscribed to any then there wont be anything under subscribed to.  Tapping on the member of list you’ll see lists that you other accounts have made that have added your account to their list.  If no one has added your account to a public list then there wont be anything displayed here.

There are several ways to add accounts to twitter lists.  I’m going to show you my prefered method.  First off we’re going to look at making our own twitter list.  Let’s say we want to make a list dedicated to helping us find holiday competitions (who doesn’t want to win a holiday!)

Most large travel companies and flight/hotel providers run promotions from time to time.  So all we need to do is think of all the travel companies we can, and add them to our list.  First from your list page click on the list icon with the plus sign.

You’ll now be on the create list page where you can name your list and add a description if you wish.  From here you can also decided to make your list private or not by taping the private button.  If a list is not selected as private then any account you add will get a notification that they have been added to your list.  Other twitter accounts will also be able to view your lists  and subscribe to them when they view your account.  I have my holiday list as public (this is handy for other compers too as you’ll see shortly).

Tap save and you’ll then be taken to a page that asks you to add ‘members’.  From here you can simply add account names of companies you wish to add.  If like me you don’t have a clue what the companies twitter handles are then just tap ‘done’ in the top right.

Your list is now set up and ready to add accounts to it.  At this point your list wont be displayed as you don’t have any accounts added to it.  It’s really easy to add accounts.   Simply head to the search section on twitter and search for a company that provides holidays/flights/hotels.  Lets add Virgin Atlantic to our list.  Type in Virgin Atlantic into the search bar and locate their twitter account.

On their page you’ll notice the little cog icon.  Tap on the cog icon and the second option on the list will be add/remove from lists.  Tap on that.

You’ll then be given your current lists.  Here your new list ‘Holiday’ will be displayed.  simply tap on that and a little green tick will appear.  Then click done.

congratulations – Your first list has been made!

And that’s it! Your first company has been added to your list.  Carry on adding travel companies or any account you know or think may run holiday giveaways to complete your list.  Tap back on your account icon and go back into lists at anytime to view your current lists.

When you go back into your lists and tap on it you will see 3 headings.  Tweets show you all the tweets from the accounts you have added to the list.  Members displays all the accounts that you have added to the list.  Subscribers shows you other twitter users who has subscribed to the list.  Hitting Edit in the top right hand corner allows you to change the name, description, and if the list is private or not.  This is where lists can be deleted if you wish to do so.

It’s not just holidays…

You can make lists for anything.  This is  useful if you’re trying to find a particular prize.  I made a list of all the sponsors for Wimbledon as they were most likely to be running competitions to in Wimbledon related prizes.  You could have a list for finding kids competitions or a list of radio stations.  Having these lists means you can quickly narrow your search on twitter.  As mentioned earlier this filtering becomes even more powerful when placed into tweet deck as we can filter by keywords such as win to find just tweets about competitions that these companies may be running.  How to do this will be covered in my next blog post in this series.

Making more lists

You might at this point think this is quite time-consuming.  Well initially yes it does take a bit of time to set up a list but it does have a massive pay off eventually.  However there is a way to speed this up.  When someone makes a list and they don’t make it private you are able to view their existing lists.  I’m going to use the lovely Di Coke from Super Lucky  for this example. Di has a fab list for finding kids competitions.  Lets navigate to Di Cokes twitter page and then click on the little cog icon.

From here select ‘view lists’.

Here you can see all of Di’s public lists.  Lets subscribe to her Kids list.  Tap on the list and you’ll get a screen like this showing all the tweets from the accounts added to this list.  You can also view the individual ‘members’ (the accounts that have been added’ as well as the people who subscribe to this list.  Lets become a subscriber! Tap the subscribe button on the top right.

That’s it done! we have now subscribed to Di Coke’s Kids list.  now when you head to your lists section from your account you have quick access to this list.  When you head back to your personal lists page now it should look like this.  Your personal lists will have your profile pic to the right of them.  Lists you have subscribed to will have a picture of that lists owner instead.  Any list of your own that you set to private will have a padlock symbol next to it.

If you don’t already make sure you give Di a follow on twitter.  You can view my current lists here, feel free to subscribe to any of them.  I’ll be honest as they need a bit of attention at the moment so I’ll be updating them shortly and adding some new ones.

Other uses of lists

When you near your twitter follow limit (you can follow a maximum of 5000 accounts unless you have a lot of followers yourself) then lists are  a useful way of still seeing people’s tweets without following them.  For example I’m near my twitter follower limit so some of my friends I no longer directly follow but have added to my friends twitter list instead,  This way I can still see my friends tweets if I want to without having to follow them.

You could also make a list of your comping friends on twitter to quickly see what competitions they have been entering.  Please be aware that not all compers like to be added to lists.  Some may decided to block you.  Other compers might not mind.   I personally don’t mind being added to lists but there is one thing to remember when you are looking at your tweets from a list.

Retweeting and commenting from your list

When you RT someones RT then they will recieve a notification (unless they’ve turned off this notification feature).  If you comment directly from their RT to the promoter then they will also get a notification as they will be mentioned in the comment.  Consistently RTing other people’s RTs (as opposed to doing it directly from the original tweet from the company) may annoy people.  I personally dont mind people RTing my own competition tweets as I have turned off notifications for those.   I cant turn off my mention notifications though (they need to be on in case a promoter mentions me!) so if someone is constantly and persistently leaving me in their replies to a promoter then I would first ask them to stop doing that.  If they didn’t then I may choose to block them.

Using lists for non comping related tweeting

Twitter lists are also very useful for making lists of accounts that are not related to comping.  It’s important to know that on Twitter if all you do is RT or add the same copy and paste comment your account may get marked as spam.  Equally you might not get marked as spam but it can and will affect your chances of winning (especially on RT to win comps).  You can find out more about if your twitter account has been marked as spam here.

Make your account stand out and be less likely marked as spam by using your account for things other than RT to win competitions.  I like to do this by having a session every day where I send out my own personal tweets. Interacting with other twitter accounts is also important too.  My list contains accounts that I have interest in.  For me that’s mainly tech, computer games, disability and other parent bloggers accounts.  I use a combination of liking, RTing, quoting and adding my own text.  Replying to other people’s tweets and starting conversation is great too.

Before I started doing this I very rarely won on twitter.  I’ve noticed a massive difference in the number of times I’ve won a twitter competition since I started to use my twitter account for more than just comping!

My video guide on desktop twitter

Click play to watch my attempt at demonstrating this on the desktop site of twitter.  It’s my first ever attempt at making a turotial style video.  Apologies if my presentation style is a little rough around the edges!

Did i manage to cover everything?

So I hope I’ve covered a lot of useful information for you with twitter lists.  You might still be thinking that this doesn’t feel that important in the grand scheme of things.  Next in our series we will actually be getting into tweet deck.  I’ll be showing you how from mastering twitter lists and search engines you can find loads of great lowe entry competitions.  If you still feel confused about twitter lists then watch the video too.  The video guide shows how to set up lists from a browser instead of the mobile app.  If you have any further questions or there’s something you feel I missed then please do comment below!





  1. Kate Brealey
    August 20, 2017 / 2:57 pm

    Thanks Nikki, really really useful as always!

  2. Natalie bradley
    August 22, 2017 / 7:49 pm

    Great post! Always wondered what lists were used for 😃👍

    • August 22, 2017 / 7:50 pm

      Thanks Natalie, hope you’re able to use them to your benefit now 🙂

  3. fion ahaward
    August 26, 2017 / 9:50 am

    Thanks Nikki, following step by step but I don’t have that cog sign on any twitter pages i look, including Di’s. I am using safari is that the same as you. When I click on Di’s page, no cog so i can’t find another way to see her lists so I can subscribe. Any ideas ?? Thanks

    • August 26, 2017 / 9:55 am

      All my screenshots are taken from the twitter app, if you’re using safari to navigate twitter then if you watch the video it shows what it looks like when you’re not on the app and has step by step instructions – you’ll be looking for 3 dots stacked on top of each other. It’ll appear at the top of someone’s profile when you view it. Click on that then view lists. – I just checked myself via safari so this should work for you too! If you still feel a bit lost though watch the video instead and that will be similar to accessing twitter via safari 🙂

  4. sharon catterall
    December 5, 2017 / 3:50 pm

    thanks nikki,great advice,do you mind if i add you on twitter? im shazabella33

    • December 6, 2017 / 7:25 am

      Feel free to add me! 😊

  5. Evelyn Corry
    January 10, 2018 / 1:15 pm

    Thanks a million Nikki, was not aware of any of this. Hopefully wins will happen more often. TY TY TY

    • January 10, 2018 / 1:19 pm

      you’re so welcome Evelyn, I hope it brings you many many wins!

  6. BattyZatty
    October 4, 2019 / 3:49 pm

    Excellent tutorial, thank you so much I enjoy watching you.I tried for the first time to compile the Lists, Which I succeeded in doing. In the Member column I already have a lot of companies that I didn’t even know were there, what does this mean? sorry to be thick, but did i subscribe to them ? should i delete them? Thanks x

    • October 4, 2019 / 4:07 pm

      They are lists that people have added you to, I gave up in the end removing my self from people’s lists but you can choose to remove yourself if you wish too – you receive no benefit from being a member of a list (unless it’s a list you actually subscribed to and want to be a part of!) Hope that makes sense! 🙂

      • BattyZatty
        October 4, 2019 / 5:45 pm

        Ahh thanks!! perfect sense!! just another question, ive added a list of yours, does that mean i dont have to add those pages that show ,to my lists? does that even make sense. Then I’ll look at tweet deck, thanks again x

        • October 4, 2019 / 4:49 pm

          Nope you don’t need to add any of those companies now – it’s basically a pre made list for you to use! 🙂

          • battyzatty
            October 4, 2019 / 7:46 pm

            Thanks x

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