Harper’s Cast Update

Harper’s Cast Update

Cast Change Catastrophe

Well haven’t I been a rubbish blogger of late!  There’s been just so much going on in the family blogging hasn’t been at the forefront of my mind. I do feel like we’re way overdue an update on Harper’s hip dysplasia journey!

Our initial Cast Change appointment

For those of you that follow me on Instagram or Facebook you will have noticed she still has her cast on.  Harper was due to have her first cast change done at the end of March.  When she arrived at the hospital and they did their checks I already had a small feeling that they might turn her down for the procedure ad she had previously had a temperature the few days before.  Her temperature was fine but her heart rate was very elevated.  Whilst we were waiting around her breathing had become very quick and shallow.  As she was too ill to operate we went back home to wait for her to get better and get another hospital date.

An unexpected trip to hospital

2 days later we ended up being taking to A&E in an ambulance as she was really struggling to breathe.  After being assessed we were sent for a chest x-ray. The pediatrician was very concerned she might have pneumonia.  Thankfully the chest x-ray was clear of pneumonia but it showed an extremely bad case of bronchioliitis.  We were sent home but told to keep  very watchful eye on her as it could easily turn into pneumonia.  Two more days and she started to finally recover.  By the time it came round to her next procedure date at the start of April she had recovered and was well enough to go under for the hip spica change.

Cast Change Take 2!

Harper was her usual chilled out self, even with nil by mouth whilst waiting to be put under the anaesthetic.  We didn’t have to wait long until taking her down to be put to sleep.  The procedure was quicker this time than the first.  Harper wasn’t nearly as groggy from the anaesthetic as she hadn’t been out for as long.  The first thing i noticed was how different the new cast was! Harper’s legs were set in a much wider position. This time the plaster cast came right up underneath her armpits and seemed so much tighter than the last hip spica cast.  Before we were discharged a doctor to check that it wasn’t too tight and going to cause pressure sores.  The doctor confirmed it was on the tight side but after a few days it should feel a little bit more roomy.

Equipment Issues

Back home the fun began.  Harper no longer fitted in the pushchair set up with the Phil & Teds that we had been using.  Thankfully our other main pushchair (that we had been using before she went into hip spica) now worked again – as long as we used the newborn insert from her car seat.  If any of you reading this are Mum’s to a hip spica baby I urge you to put a newborn car seat insert (if you own one) into your pushchairs first before you purchase a new pushchair.  We’ve not had to buy a new pushchair because of this and it’s a lot comfier to Harper to use this than rolled up towels or blankets.  She now also didn’t really fit in her hip spica table.  Having made a few adjustments to the piping around the seat area Harper finally managed to sit well in it.

Harper took some time to resettle with the new cast, as you can see she wasn’t very happy for a few days and sleeping became a massive problem again.  Harper likes sleeping on her front and with the new cast she was in an extremely awkward position.  After 2 weeks or so Harper settled back into sleeping again.  Harper is also back to crawling around!

I swear this child is going to have arms like Thor by the time the cast comes off.

The Countdown to Cast off

We were hoping given that Harper had worn her first hip spica cast for an extra 2 weeks that we would only need to wear the second one for 4 weeks.  Our initial treatment time was to be only 12 weeks.  Upon X-ray at the cast change over though the consultant requested that we do 6 weeks. The consultant felt this would give her the best chance of not needing any further treatment down the line.  When we finally got our date for cast take off it’s been set to 7 weeks!  I was a little frustrated at this but I know i’d rather have an extra few weeks now than more surgery and more hip spicas down the line.
So the final count down is on to our cast off day 23rd of May. I’ll be back with an update once we have legs again!

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  1. Laura
    April 29, 2017 / 11:03 am

    The bronchiolitis must have been so scary, I’m glad she recovered without it turning into pneumonia!
    So once this cast is off, is that the treatment over?

    • April 29, 2017 / 12:08 pm

      Hopefully – will have to wait and see what the consultant says, we were pre warned before the cast that if this didn’t work then next step would be invasive surgery. I’m optimistic that it won’t come to that but I won’t rule it out until we’ve had the final checks!

  2. Tina wenham
    April 29, 2017 / 1:17 pm

    Poor Harper but the weeks will fly by let’s hope you can all be ok for summer
    Lots of love 😘

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