Glam & Geeky Mum: The top 10 posts of 2017

Glam & Geeky Mum: The top 10 posts of 2017

I can’t quite believe 2017 is almost over.  Part of this year went so slowly (i.e the entire 4 months that Harper was in plaster cast from her armpits to both her ankles), but once her cast was off the rest of the year seemed to go as fast as the speed of light, but not quite as that’s impossible.

The day that I publish this is actually the 1 year anniversary of my first ever blog post.  I’m amazed at what I’ve built-in only a year with zero blogging knowledge.  I’ve loved sharing reviews and our stories throughout the year, as well as my comping tips, trick and wins.  I’m aiming to continue this throughout 2018!

With that in mind I thought I’d share my top 10 most viewed posts here at Glam & Geeky Mum for 2017.

10. Hip Spica Removal – Cast Off Day

This day was one of the highlights of my 2017.  I cannot say that living with a child in plaster cast from armpits to ankles for 4 months was easy but I am proud that we got through it and made it out the other side.

9. Mineral Makeup on a Budget – Lily Lolo Foundation Review 

A very popular blog post with a lot of traffic coming from search engines for this post.  I’ve done many more blog posts about makeup and skin care as my current tim restrictions usually means I can only get one post out a week.  I think moving on to 2018 if  I can find more time for blogging I’d like to do a few more posts like this.

8. Matched Betting Mum

A post all about my foray into the world of matched betting.  I should actually update this at some point as I took a break from earlier this year to concentrate more on my blog and comping.  I think this has remained popular because it’s quite a highly googled subject.

7. What I Won – Prize Unboxings

If I actually added up all of the views from my prize unboxing blog posts then this would be sitting at Number 1.  I decided to however keep them as separate blog posts for this list.  You an view all of my prize-winning blog posts by clicking the title link – but if you want to see my most read then you can skip straight to the March 2017 post here.  It’s not even my most successful month but for whatever unknown reason it’s the most read.

6. Advent Competitions – How to make the most of Christmas Competitions

A super popular post rounding up all the best tips from the other comping bloggers out there was well as lots of hints and tips myself.  December 2017 was my best comping Christmas yet where I won a total of 16 advent competitions (as well as a very decent set of wins from regular competitions too)

5. How To Use Tweetdeck

The last part of my blog series all about how to find low entry competitions.  I’m surprised this is the least read of the three tutorials, but I do realise for some that Tweetdeck can feel like the equivalent of solving a Rubix cube with your eyes shut.  My quick and simple tutorial covered everything you needed to know to get going with Tweetdeck

4. Accessible Gaming For Everyone

One of my earlier blog posts, and one that I’m still very proud off.  The gaming community have loved reading about Chase’s story and I have lot’s of people still frequently read this blog post.  We also launched our YouTube Gaming channel ‘Everybody’s Gaming‘  which we’re hoping to have back on track next year – as soon as Harper learns that she’s not allowed to pull out every single cable she see’s on sight…

3. Blog Giveaways

No link here as I don’t currently have a blog competition running, but they were very successful with lots of you entering.  Last year I ran three blog giveaways and I’m hoping to double that at least for 2018!

2. Mastering Twitter Lists

The second in my series in how to find low entry competitions.  Twitter lists are not so difficult when you know how they work!

1. Mastering Search Engines

The first in my blog series in how to find low entry competitions is also my most viewed post on the site.  This quick guide gives the absolute basics of how to navigate your way round pretty much any search engine to find exactly what you’re looking for.  I’m hoping to follow this up next year with a blog post dedicated to my personal favourite searches to find low entry competitions.

So there you have it, my top 10 most read posts of 2017.  A massive huge Thank you to all of my readers over the last year.  I am so grateful for every single view on my blog, and I hope to see you all in 2018!





  1. Emma Gough
    December 31, 2017 / 12:30 am

    I’ve thorouglhy enjoyed every blog post you’ve written! They’ve enlightened me and opened my eyes to some of the struggles you’ve endured but also brought warmth with the happiness comping has given your family Happy blogiversary! I can’t wait to see what you write about next year!

    • December 31, 2017 / 11:47 am

      That’s so lovely to hear, thank you for being such a brilliant follower, listener, comping buddy and friend for all of 2017. Looking forward to seeing what 2018 brings 🙂

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