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I love being able to donate to charity when I’m able to.  Having my own disabled child has made me a big supporter of disability charities.  I’ve been able to see first hand the positive impacts that charities can have on families and individuals and want to make sure that as many people as possible can benefit from them.

Christmas can be a very difficult time of year to find the money to be able to donate to a charity.  With presents, decorations, Christmas events and possible Christmas parties all the little costs add up and spare money for donations can become difficult for many households

But what if you could donate money to charity but it not cost you a penny?  What if by doing something as simple as your Christmas shopping online you could raise money towards your favourite chosen charity?  With Easyfundrasing.org you can do just that and so far Easyfundraising has raised over £19million (and counting!) for charities.

How exactly does it work?

Whenever you shop by any of the shops or sites listed on their website commission is awarded from your purchase.  This commission in turn is then donated to the charity that you select.  You need to register with the site (free and easy to do) and then you’re ready to go!  You can then choose to donate to any of the charities that are listed.  There are plenty of well-known big charities listed as well as some smaller ones too.

It’s as simple as Join, Shop, Collect!

There is a huge number of shops that are signed up to the scheme – over 3200!.  There’s all the large name retailers you would come to expect, allowing you to make turn your purchases from holidays to paperclips into cash for your favorite charity.  I was impressed with the range of retailers I could shop through.  There’s no difference in shopping with your retailers via easyfundrasing either – you’re directed to exactly the same site as if you went direct.  The only difference is you” be earning money towards your chosen charity.  Donations raised get paid quarterly, once a cause has had raised £15 minimum per quarter.

Gift Aid

When you register you are able to register for Gift Aid. If you’re a UK taxpayer, Gift Aid increases the value of your charity donations by 25%, because the charity can reclaim the basic rate of tax on your gift – at no extra cost to you.  Make sure you select yes if it’s applicable to you!

Donation Reminder

During registration you’re also able to install a donation reminder for your computer.  This handy tool sends a notification to your screen whenever you visit a retailer online that is supported by Easyfundrasing.

I decided to download this on my computer as it makes remembering to generate money for your chosen charity even easier.  It’s safe and ad free and I found it didn’t slow my down my computer at all.

App or Website

Easyfundarasing now even has its own app which makes generating donations for charity on the go even easier.  I love being to quickly scroll through and click on a retailer to be able to make my purchases whilst feeling that I’m also doing something good for someone else.

My chosen charity

When i use Easyfundrasing I donate to Friends Of Valence.  This is a very special charity to me as it’s the registered Charity for my son’s special needs school.  Its purpose is to raise funds for, support and promote Valence School.

Funds raised pays for extra-curricular activities, prizes and gifts for students and also specialist therapy and sporting equipment. In addition the Friends contribute towards capital projects that directly benefit the students when funds are available.

How to get involved

If you want to get involved and give more than a gift this Christmas then get yourself signed up to easyfundrasing and finish off your Christmas shopping using their app or website!  If you don’t know which charity to choose to donate too then please do consider Friends Of Valence.  Don’t forget if you know a charity that isn’t involved they can get set up here.

Spread The Word

Once you’re a member there’s a handy page on the website dedicated to sharing your cause and spreading the word.  There are pre-written posts available as well as emails and newsletters.

This could be incredibly handy if you are generating money towards a school or a small community group.  The more people you get involved then the more money you can generate for your chosen charity!

Do you already use Easyfundraising?  Which cause would you love to support?  I’d love to hear in the comments below


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