Declutter – how to turn clutter into cash

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How to turn your clutter into cash

I’ve only been living my current house for little over a year but already I’ve managed to accumulate a wealth of clutter. Not only that I’ve noticed clothes and things I’ve bought from the old house which I haven’t touched for an entire year! Surely if I’ve owned an item for a year and not touched it I don’t need it.  So I’m on a mission to declutter.

Benefits of decluttering

More Space

Even clearing a small amount or a draw or cupboard leaves that little bit more room. A clearer room/cupboard/draw for me gives me a clearer mind!

Less Cleaning

I am not a fan of cleaning, so anything that reduces the time spent cleaning is a massive bonus

More Energy

I’ve found through decluttering I’m more motivated and feel like I can tackle almost anything.  Just from clearing some clutter

More Money

This is my favourite benefit. It’s amazing what you can sell on to raise a bit of cash whilst decluttering.

Almost anything can be sold online these days.  From kids toys to toiletries, (this is one of the few reasons my toiletries challenge is going so well, I’m managing to sell it off!).  Even your old smelly shoes (I’m not even joking, I’ll blog about it one day!).

Where can you sell

Most of you reading this will know of at leat one place to sell your clutter. Here’s a quick run down of my favourites and the accompanying charges


Ebay is the Daddy of online auctions/marketplaces.  Easy to sell and linked with PayPal.  It’s a great way to reach a massive audience when you want to sell an item.  Fees are quite hefty though.  Not only do you now pay a 10% fee to eBay on your selling price (including postage), if money was received by Paypal you’ll pay an additional Paypal fee.  There are also listing fees to consider but all sellers get 20 free listings a month automatically.


Relatively new to the selling game is the Mecari App.  It’s a quick simple easy way to sell your items for a fixed price.  Similar to eBay it reaches a large audience but there are a few differences. When you sell the price you display must already include postage.  There is no Paypal, when a buyer pays, the money goes into your mecari account.  You can then request Mecari to send your money to via BACS. Alternatively you can keep the money in your account to make purchases on Mecari.  The huge benefit to this newcomer is there are zero fees.  Mecari is only available as an app and cannot be accessed from your desktop.  Their prefered method of posting is via Hermes but you can choose your own postal service if you wish.


Gumtree is the original online classified ad website.  It’s great for selling large items that might be too heavy to post.  It’s also great if you have a popular item that you know will sell. There’s no fees to list or when you sell.  But be aware you will be fielding calls and having buyers come to your house to collect.

Facebook Marketplace

This service is very similar to Gumtree.  You no longer need to list or post in a facebook selling group.  Selina can be done direct from the marketplace screen and reach a very large audience. Again listing and selling is free.


Olio isn’t an app for making money but it will help you get rid of the things you can’t sell.  It’s known as the food sharing revolution and allows you to share leftover food.   But it also can be used to list any items you wish to giveaway.  A bit similar to freecycle but in the convenience of an app.  This is great if you’re unable to get to a tip or want to help keep landfill clear!  Olio is a free to use service.

I’ll be updating soon with exactly  how I made just under £500 with my first major declutter as well as tips on how to sell off your clutter.  Have you ever turned your clutter into cash?



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