Any of my close friends reading this will know I’m a comper,  which unfortunately doesn’t mean I’m forever in Las Vegas receiving free meals and room upgrades – instead it means I love to enter competitions – lots of them!

I’ve actually been comping now on and off for several years but after making the difficult decision to give up my job as a DIspensing Optician to meet the care needs of my eldest I realised it would be a great way to get the things i wanted but my budget just couldn’t afford (still haven’t won any margaritas yet though sadly), last year I went Deadpool maximum effort style and made sure i did some every day, this resulted in winning quite a lot of prizes which you can read about here.

Comping is a great hobby and it’s meant I’ve been able to experience lots and receive lots of luxuries for things that I wouldn’t have otherwise as well as give me a sense of achievemnet when I have won a judged effort competition.  It’s also meant budgeting for Christmas for the past 2 years has been a breeze, i think i spent about £20 this year on presents for the 5 children in total and the rest were wins that I squirreled away over the year

I like to minimise the time i spend on comping by only entering competitions for prizes that i need or want, I do get asked a lot how do you win so much though? well in short I enter A LOT but there are certain tactics you can use to increase your win rate;

  • Find low entry competitions
  • Enter more effort competitions
  • Make your replies to promoters more relevant to the prize

Now i could go on for ages about all the different techniques you could use but to be frankly honest with you I learnt all I have from a wonderful blog run by Di Coke, the aptly name blog has an entire section dedicated to winning tips as well as tutorial vids on almost anything!  She even has a book available that covers everything!

Over the course of the year though I will be adding some hints and tips based on how i do things, as not all compers enter things or do things the same way, some prefer to enter more effort competitions, whereas some prefer the enter absolutely everything in sight and wait for a win (statistically it will happen), there’s no right or wrong (although if you’re entering 16000  competitions a year and not winning a sausage then i suspect you probably are doing something wrong!)

There are lots of other smaller personal comping blogs all run by other lovely compers that I’ve listed below which I love reading (if I’m going through a dry spell it’s great to find some motivation by reading about other people’s win) , I’m planning on starting a blogging project later on in the year with the hope that we can share all of our best comping blog articles together.  Check out the blogs below and scroll down below to find all my blog posts from comping in one handy spot!

Here’s links to the current comping blog posts available on the blog

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