Chasing Chase’s Voice

Chasing Chase’s Voice

Something exciting happened today, Chase finally got his new VOCA! If you haven’t a clue what a VOCA is you can read all about it here and discover how it gave me my sanity (well ok maybe some it then) back.

Chase has had a loan VOCA since the start of August last year, a really big cumbersome massive piece of equipment that requires charging after only an hours use (although I swear Chase has some weird EMP aura as he manages to suck the life out of all battery operated equipment that he has)

So we now as pictured above we finally have an ultra slim windows tablet which can be mounted and takes up barely any room on his tray.  His package has (sadly) currently remained the same but as he’s doing so well and is now limited to his communication by the current package they’ve brought forward his appointment to speed things up for him.

Chase was super happy to get his new tech and the first thing he did was to locate the selfie camera and start taking pictures of him self, before then trying to change his talk package to a more advanced one himself!

His actual voice we’re going to be keeping as it is for now but I’ve discovered an initiative that’s running to give VOCA users their own unique voice, as users are generally really limited to the voice they can have; at Chase’s nativity this year at one point I couldn’t tell who was saying what as both he and another boy shared exactly the same VOCA voice!  This amazing project takes real voices and turns them into unique voices matched to their users, including things like local dialect.  Perhaps even more amazing is that anyone can contribute to this project, that means that you can easily and quickly at home donate your own voice to someone who doesn’t have their own, it’s something I’m planning on doing once I’ve got through Harper’s hip surgery later this year.  If you’d like to donate a tiny bit of your time (you can do it at home online!) then check out more here

I’ll be updating more on Chase’s VOCA when we get his new talk package late February, in the meantime I’m going to write a list of words and phrases I want to get programmed in that he would want to use commonly such as

Get my little sister(s) off me

And my personal favourite

I want the moon on a stick 

I’d love to know if any of you are thinking of donating your voice, let me know in the comments below!




  1. Laura C
    January 24, 2017 / 11:40 pm

    I’ve looked into donating my voice after reading this blog post and I think I’m going to go for it! VOCAs are fantastic, I’m so glad the technology exists to give Chase and others a voice 🙂

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