How To Apply False Eyelashes – Even If You’re Really Really Bad At It

How To Apply False Eyelashes – Even If You’re Really Really Bad At It

My Top Tips for applying false eyelashes

I love wearing false eyelashes.  It’s great to be able transform your look in a matter of minutes, and false eyelashes allow you to do just that.  The major downside for me with false eyelashes is applying them.  I’ve seen countless beauty videos where they simply daintily place them on an eyelid and BAM amazing eyes.  That doesn’t seem to ever happen to me….

It’s taken me some time to perfect putting eyelashes on.  I’m really not that great at it.  I still end up with them on wonky or in the wrong place.  However over the years I’ve found a few ways to hide my eyelash application incompetence which I’m going to share with you!

before and after - how to apply false eyelashes

Getting the correct eyelash

The eyelashes you’re trying to apply will have an impact on how easy they are to apply.  If you’re really really bad at applying eyelashes then don’t go straight in with massive full volume super long lashes.  Any mistakes you make with a thicker and darker lash band are going to be so much more noticeable.  Opt for a lighter option or more natural lash to get practising with.  If you’re hellbent on thicker full volume lashes though, not to worry as we can still disguise how rubbish we are at applying them!

Shape the lashes

If your eyelashes are brand new out of the packet they should have a nice curve on them already.  This is there to stop the eyelashes from popping up when you wear them.  Because of the shape of my eyes I have to bend them a little bit more which I do round the end of a makeup brush.

It’s super important that when you remove your eyelashes from the packet or your eyes after wearing that you always do so from the outside edge in.  This will allow them to maintain their shape.  The more they maintain their shape the easier they are to apply and the longer the eyelash will last.

Trim the lashes

On most packets you will always see in the instructions ‘trim to fit’.  I have a confession to make – I have never trimmed eyelashes.  I’ve measured up and it seems I have very wide eyelids so it’s not needed for me!

When measuring you want the strip to start where the bulk of your natural eyelashes start.  You do not want the eyelash strip going into the very corner of your eye.  It will irritate them like mad, make your eyes water and the eyelash will just end up lifting and coming off.  To mark the end of the eyelash go to the very outer corner of your eye and count 3 or so lashes in.

When you trim the eyelashes make sure you cut from the strip side – not the lashes side.  Always cut from the outside edge of the lashes.

eylure 070 and eylure 101

Getting the glue correct

You only need a thin layer of glue for lashes.  The trick is to wait about 30 seconds or so for the glue to actually become tacky.  This means it will stick better and wont slide about when you put the eyelash strip on.

Always apply a little extra to the inner and outer corner of the strip as this is where your lashes will more than likely lift.  You can apply glue directly to your lid if you prefer (but I’ve not had much success with this)

Please remember eyelashes strips are to be glued to your eyelid and NEVER to your eyelashes themselves.  They’re too heavy to be on your eyelashes and you risk losing your real eyelashes if you glue them there!


So to one of the most tricky bits of eyelash application for me.  Just how one earth do you get these strips stuck down in the right place!  There’s lots of tips out there about making sure your mirror is benaeth you to make it easier to see but I found that didn’t help me at all.  You can use tweezers or a special tool to place the eyelash strip on, but again for me that made my accuracy even worse!

What I do for placement is I hold the eyelashes in the centre section and place just the middle on to the middle of my eyelash.  I find if I try to stick the entire strip down in one go then it will be beyond wonky.  I make sure I get the middle of the lash stuck and in the correct place.  Then gently guide the inner edge into place before eventually holding the outer edge down where it needs to be.

Placing the strip in 3 sections means that I’ve got more control.  Even if i balls up on bit of the eyelash strip if I nail the other two it still looks ok!  If the glue has got particularly tacky then i sometimes use a cotton bud instead of my fingers to help place the corners down in the right place.

So that’s it our eyelashes are on!  Oh but wait, they’re still a bit wonky and it’s quite noticeable in some places….

Disguising Mistakes

The quickest and easiest way to disguise strip eyelash mistakes is eyeliner.  Lots of lovely lovely eyeliner.  If you’re wearing a thicker volume lash you will need to be wearing eyeliner regardless as otherwise the sudden end of the dark strip line on the inner corner of your eye will just look plain silly.

Eyeliner on the top of the lid

Applying a nice thick black line of eyeliner means you have far more room for error and wonky eyelashes just wont show.  When I first started wearing false eyelashes I always drew a very thick black line.  As I’ve got better at applying I’ve been able to reduce the thickness of the line.  Sometimes I even wear them without the eyeliner and just fill in the tiny bit on the inner corner to blend the strip lashes in.

wearing eylure 101 how to apply false eyelashes


If you’ve never heard of tightlining before read on as this makeup tip will transform how your strip lashes look!  Tightlining is simply the act of applying eyeliner to your waterline (the rim where your eyelid meets your eye).  Specifically though tightlining involves doing this on your upper lid.  Doing this completely eradicates any gaps from the lash line as well as make the colour of your iris’ pop.

This can be quite a difficult makeup skill to master.  I personally only tightline the outer edge of my upper waterline as I’m so clumsy I know I would end up sticking eyeliner in my cornea if I went the whole way along – so i just stick to the outer edge where it’s a lot harder to damage your eyes with eyeliner pencils!

Does your makeup match your lashes

One final tip for getting the best results from wearing strip lashes is changing your makeup to suit the lash type you have.  When I’m wearing dramatic or full volume lashes I will contour my eyes and do my eyeshadow so that my entire eye socket looks bigger and larger.  This means the lashes don’t end up looking out-of-place and I feel they blend in better as a result.

Removing Falsies

One last tip, when you remove your eyelashes never use oil based eye makeup remover.  Doing so means that when you come to use them again next time the adhesive wont stick.  If you can remove all the glue from your falsies with a pair of tweezers.  They will then be good to go and much easier to apply next time you wear them!

I hope these tips have helped, practice does make perfect.  I still end up with wonky placement every now and then but it’s far less noticeable! Do you have any tips for applying false eyelashes? If so, comment below!





  1. Elysia Benn
    October 26, 2017 / 7:29 am

    I am beyond useless at applying eyelashes, I always find that they don’t stick to either end of my eye, yet stick perfectly fine in the middle. Gonna try these tips next time! I work as a princess for a party company so eyelashes would be amazing if I can get them right!

    • October 26, 2017 / 7:32 am

      You’d look even more like a Disney princess with fluttering long eyelashes 😍

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