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I’m Nikki a thirty-something ginger and a married mum of 3, step mum of 2.  When i’m not blogging my time is split between getting my mum A-game on and trying to find those tiny little moments of time to myself to indulge in my interests which are gaming, geekery, keep fit, make-up and comping amongst many more.  I also love new technology whether it be the latest apps, or gadget and money-saving (even better when i can combine the two!).  I eat way too many Jaffa cakes and love iced margaritas, but not together…that would be all types of wrong



Chase is my eldest son born in 2010, the birth did not go to plan and as a result he lives with a severe form of cerebral palsy, he has changed my life and my views on things forever!  Chases loves tech as it has enabled him to do so much more independently, he drives an electric wheelchair most places and is learning to use a computer to talk (much like Stephen Hawkins did).  Chase loves slapstick comedy and currently has an obsession with watching Mr Bean cartoons.  He has the best laugh in the whole wide world ever.  He’s also my fellow ginger ninja in the family!


Brooke is mine and my husbands eldest child together, born 2013 she is silly and fiercely independent and a huge amount of fun to be around.  She loves to sing, dance and socialize and loves to be noisy! She loves to try to get Chase to sing and dance with her.  She loves to help look after her little sister – although I’m not sure Harper feels the same way!




Harper is the youngest of the family born 2016, another birth that almost went completely wrong but thanks to a quick thinking midwife she was saved from the possible same result as her big brother.  She’s a very happy yet cheeky toddler who has is a loud and confident child like her big sister. Harper was treated for Hip Dysplasia from 4 months of age and still undergoes annual checks on her hip health.


Husband extraordinaire Dan works as a laboratory manager making spectacles at a well-known optical establishment, i’m not sure how i’d manage a household without him (i’ve got the tidying skills of a teenager). He also loves gaming and geekery and is a huge, huge, huge Star Wars fan proven by his amazing Darth Vader tattoo.  Dan is also a member of the UK Garrison as a Storm Trooper,  he uses his free time to help charities raise money all whilst dressed up as a Storm Trooper.




Olivia is Dan’s eldest daughter, born 2002 she’s the most empathetic person i think i’ve ever met in my life and has been like it since she was a little.  She’s also a bit of a fellow geek girl, she love’s watching you tube bloggers ranging from gaming videos to make-up.  She loves new tech and new apps, we regularly love to talk and share new viral videos we’ve found online with each other


Abigail is Dan’s second daughter born 2006 she’s a complete bookworm and loves to read.  She especially loves greek mythology and currently wants to study classics at university with a specialisation in greek mythology! Abigail is slightly obsessed with anything to do with Harry Potter (who isn’t?!)


A special kudos to you for reading ALL the way down here, with such a big family there’s a lot to cover!

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