A Day Exploring Gullivers Land

A Day Exploring Gullivers Land

Gulliver’s Land Review

Watching Something Special one morning of the school summer holidays Justin and his jolly sidekick Mr Tumble visited a dinosaur park.  Chase was watching at the time and at his next session on his computer was trying to find out exactly where Justin had visited.  we eventually tracked it down to a place called Gullivers Land in Milton Keynes.

Gullivers Theme Parks

It turns out Gullivers theme park resorts actually own and operate 4 different parks.  They are all theme parks aimed and designed for families with young children under 12.  They even have accomodation available but as we were in driving distance it seemed to make more sense to do a one day visit.  I have looked though and they have a brilliant range of accessible accommodation including wheelchair accessible safari tents. Although Chase was originally attracted to the dinosaur park he also wanted to visit one of the theme park with rides.  Mission accepted!

Acquiring tickets

My first thought for when kids ask for a day out somewhere is can I win tickets?  On my first facebook search I managed to find one competition running to win tickets for Gullivers that was closing soon.  I entered and a few days later I had a Facebook message to tell me that I had won.  That’s probably the fastest I think I have ever won something of my prize wishlist!  If you’re interested in reading more about how to search for low entry competitions or learning more comping then click on the relevant links.

If having to buy tickets then discounts for tickets are available if booking at least 2 days in advance. This brings the cost down to just under £18 a ticket ( regular price is £21 for both adults and children).  Children under 90cm go free and there is also a concessionary rate for those with a blue badge, PIP or DLA of £14.95 allowing entry for them and a carer.

We were able to pick whatever park we wanted togo to, so opted for our closest at Milton Keynes.

The Rides

There was a huge number of rides in the park and something for every member of the family.  We were grateful for quite a few rides such as the teacups and the whirlwind rides that enabled all of us to ride together.

A few bigger rides such as the twist and joust rollercoaster and the crazy crane drop tower were out of the height range for Brooke and unsuitable for Chase due to his disability but we really didn’t feel as though the kids missed out on anything.  Brooke’s favourite ride was the mini roller coaster the runaway train, Chase’s was the tea cups and Harper really enjoyed the JCB digger area complete with mini ride ons.


Amazingly despite visiting the theme park during peak times in the school summer holidays queues were kept to an absolute minimum.  Some of the rides had no queues at all and most we only had to wait 1 ride cycle before we could go on.  We didn’t even need to get a ride access pass for Chase.  The lack of queue is probably what made this such a great day out.  Kids hate queing and I hate trying to entertain kids in queues, so short queue times were brilliant.  There was only one ride that we had to queue for half an hour.  As the queue was inside an enclosed tower I had no idea how long we would be in there for.


To keep costs down we bought our own food with us for the day.  There were a range of eateries though that seemed reasonable price.  Plenty of spaces are made for picnicking around the park.  The only word of warning I have is this – WASPS.  Yes capitals.  There was just so many of them that it made our picnic less than enjoyable.  I didn’t spot any wasp traps like I have seen frequently at Merlin theme parks.  So if you visit during the summer and you’re planning taking your own food just be aware you may spend a lot of time running around arms flailing.  I did.

Meeting Characters

Towards the end of our day there were a lot of characters walking around the park for the kids to met.  Brooke loved meeting some generic Princesses and Murray from Hotel Transylvania. Chase’s favourite to meet were two pirates who gave him a load of sweets.  Harper hated Murray and was less than impressed at the pirates choosing to growl at them instead – until they gave her a lolly!

What the kids thought

All 3 of the kids really enjoyed their day out and absolutely loved all the rides they went on.  The short queues meant they got to go on so many rides and boredom didn’t have a chance to set in.  I’ve already been asked when can we return again

What the parents thought

I’m pleased the kids really enjoyed themselves – as an adult though there are a few things you might spot that children do not.  The park itself looks like it could do with quite a bit of an overhaul.  The fairly new JCB zone looks lovely and sparkly brand new but other parts look like they’ve not been updated since they launched almost 20 years ago.  That being said the kids didn’t notice these things and for them had zero impact on how they enjoyed their day out.  If however you’re used to all the sparkle and the slickness of a Merlin theme park you may be disappointed.

Toilets could be attended to more regularly and made sure that the soap fillers were kept filled and that the air dryers actually had enough force to dry your hands.  Also they’re all placed so high that the kids cannot reach them!  The park itself was very accessible for a manual wheelchair and disabled toilets were available but there was no changing places toilet available ( we didn’t spot a bench that we could use for changing either.)

Finally overall we staff very friendly and happy to help us.

Would we go back again?

The kids have been badgering me every day since we visited to return again.  I would buy tickets at the discounted rate or try my luck and see if we could win some tickets again if we were to return.  That being said I have promised Chase to take him to their dinosaur park at Milton Keynes for his birthday next year!  If you want a fun day out though and have kids 12 and under then this is a fab theme park with little to no queue time even at peak times.  You might notice the out of date decor and less than polished rides – but the kids really don’t care!


I wasn't asked to write a review of Gullivers Land for my blog, I just wanted to share our day out with you - I hadn't even heard of this place before I saw it on Something Special!

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