2017 Goals Review

Back in January this year one of my first ever blog posts was to set myself some goals for the year ahead.  Traditionally like many of us I like to set myself some new goals at the start of each year.  Looking back over the year though I feel I’ve not been mindful of what I set out to achieve and I even said in passing to my husband last night I don’t feel like I’ve achieved anything this year.

I’ve decided to review my goals early this year so I can think about why I haven’t been able to reach all of the goals I set out, but also to remind myself that I have achieved some things I set out to do this year.  Setting yourself goals no matter how big or small that you want to achieve gives me something to work towards. Actively working towards a goal I find increases my confidence and makes me feel more positive about the future, especially if they involve learning something new or trying something different for the first time.

To Carry on Building the Blog

Almost a whole year in and I cannot quite believe that I’ve pretty much managed to publish a blog post once a week.  When I first set out to create a blog I wasn’t sure what my end goal was.  I don’t blog for a living (i.e I don’t blog for monetary compensation or use adverts on my site) and I don’t really have a desire to do so either as I feel it would be less of a hobby and more of a chore.  I have however been able to share some lovely blog posts about my fab wins this year, as well as raise awareness about hip dysplsia and accessible technology.

My readership has grown to far more than I ever anticipated, when I first launched I would get on average 20 views a week if I was lucky.  I now have over 1000 people visit the blog each month at least, it’s great to know that my blog posts are reaching so many people!  This is one goal that I feel I have succeeded in fairly well this year.

To Decorate The House

I’m pleased to say that both husband and I was able to make a start to this goal this year.  Decorating didn’t get started until quite late on in the year though around summer.

First to be transformed was our living room from a sea of magnolia to a cool contemporary Death Star grey colour with a splash of blue.  We added new Final Fantasy and Star Wars wall art and completely rearranged the furniture.  With the addition of a few new pieces of furniture from Ikea this has made living room feel so much more like a homely place.

Our other indoor transformation was in the hallway.  When we moved in we had to repurchase flooring for the entire house.  This was a fairly expensive endeavour so we decided we would leave the vinyl tiles in the hallway and just clean it up.  Great idea right?  Well it would have been if we were actually able to clean the vinyl tiles!

No matter how much I scrubbed or what cleaning products I used the floor reminded looking positively grubby.  We finally replaced the flooring and painted the walls (in our favourite death star grey again).  It’s not fully done as I need to add a geeky theme yet but that will be on its way soon hopefully!

All of this was made possible thanks to winning B&Q vouchers throughout the year with various prizes.  The only thing we ended up paying for ourselves was the furniture and our wall art.

To sort out the lower garden to a child friendly area

Our lower garden has long been due an overhaul.  We’ve transformed the garden over the past two years from this…

To now this!

Changing our grass to artificial grass has made a wonderful difference to Chase as he’s now able to use the lower part of the garden.  The building of a new shed with a funky purple paint job also made such a difference to making the garden a nicer place to sit in.

To recommence my Clubbercise Lessons

I have partly succeeded towards this goal.  I did indeed start going back to Clubbercise – but I think I managed a maximum of 3 classes before life got in the way and I was struggling to attend classes.

Coupled with the fact that I don’t think Clubbercise was the best choice to meet my current fitness goals I stopped going.  I’ll be thinking very carefully when I set next years goals about how I can ensure I fitness in to my busy schedule and what type of exercise I need to do to meet my fitness goals.

To survive Harper’s surgery and 3 months of Spica cast

Harper’s surgery and hip spica cast was a difficult thing to get through this year.  It’s certainly not the most difficult thing I’ve had to endure with my children but it took up a huge part of our life and controlled to a certain extent our ability to do things as a family.  Harper ended up wearing her hip spica cast for a total of 4 months and then went into a hip splint overnight for a further 3 months.

hip spica equipment - child in hip spica sitting in purple smart trike

The lack of sleep for both her and us was probably the hardest part of dealing with Harper’s hip treatment.  I also struggled to deal with the delay in her development due to the surgery.  Harper’s hip dysplaisia caused me much anxiety and stress over the year.  We’re still being closely monitored as one of her hips still has some issues with it. I am however trying to remain optimistic that we shouldn’t need any further surgery.

To improve my posture

I have to say I completely failed at this goal.  In reality I didn’t set out a clear enough plan to help improve my posture and as a result it’s still as bad as always.  I will be very carefully rewriting this goal with a specific action plan to make sure I achieve it next year

To make sure I spend at least one activity once a week doing something for me

Another complete fail on this front.  I suppose in some ways I can say I did write a blog post once a week which is something for me, but looking back I think my goal should have been more about feeling relaxed or calm.  Even whilst doing things for myself I wasn’t able to shut off the part of my brain that carried on worrying or thinking about what I needed to do for other people.

Did you have any goals set out for this year?  How have you got on with achieving them?  There are so many other great things I feel I have achieved this year that I didn’t set out to try to do.  I’ll be looking to write all these down at some point to help further strengthen my confidence.  Writing achievements down also serves as a reminder that even when I feel like I’m not getting anywhere I’m still able to achieve something.



  1. November 29, 2017 / 4:32 pm

    Best of luck doing things for you next year! I lose count of how many times I try to make this happen for me – and my targets don’t extend much further than watching one a movie a week! A picky person would point out that I have started playing badminton again, though I’m more inclined to think of that as trying to stop my mind and body sagging any further towards the floor…. 😀

    • November 29, 2017 / 4:54 pm

      I’m sure it’s the goal setting that wrong, like I can say I’ve done x,y,z for myself – but unless I feel like I’ve had time to myself then it doesn’t matter what I’ve done!

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