Mineral foundation on a budget – Mineralshack foundation review 

Mineral foundation on a budget – Mineralshack foundation review 

Mineral Foundation that doesn’t break the bank

I love mineral foundation, specifically I love Bare Minerals Original foundation.  It leaves my skin looking all kinds of awesome and has such good coverage I don’t even need to use concealer.  The one thing I don’t love is the price.  Whilst I do think it is a superior product and worth the money it’s priced at I’m always happy to try something that might do the job just as well for a saving in the price.

If you follow me on Instagram you will have spotted i purchased two new mineral foundations to try recently.  Now I’ve had the time to slap some makeup on its time to share my review with you!

Mineralshack mineral foundation


Well this is by far one of the cheapest mineral foundations I’ve seen on the market (even cheaper than Collection 2000s offering).  I bought a sample set for only £3.25 whch included four colours so i could match my shade.  You can buy 6g in a sifter pot for only £5.69.  When you’ve finished that you can order 12g refill bags for as low as £6.78 posted.  I didn’t hold up much hope for this foundation seeing as it was so cheap!

Colour Matching

This foundation is available in 16 shades so you’re bound to find one that matches your skin tone.  Being the white pale and pasty thing I am I opted to try the fair skin samples.  I quickly found my match as the lightest two were too pale even for my skin.  The warmest one made me look like a ginger Donald Trump wannabe.  Fair porcelain was my colour match.


Super easy to apply and exactly the same as every other powder mineral foundation I’ve ever owned. Swirl into brush, tap excess and then buff in a circular motion.  The powder went on as a powder – which is very different to Bare minerals original.  The original bare minerals powder foundation actually kind of turns into almost a cream as it is applied.


I found I had to do a bit more buffing to get the same coverage as Bare Minerals original, but once coverage was built up it was good.  I personally don’t use concealer I prefer just to use a concealer brush and use the powder foundation.  Using this same method with Mineralshack worked really well and I got excellent coverage

The finish

Well the Mineralshack foundation doesn’t look too bad on at all i think!  It does give my skin a nice glow.  I found it lasted quite well over the day.  The foundation didn’t require any more additional touch up than i would expect.  Towards the end of the day I did notice patches of my skin had started to dull and had started to get a little bit drier.  This will be likely down to the inclusion of talc somewhere in the formula.  I didn’t feel this made the foundation unwearable though

minershack foundation only applied to red head female
Foundation Only

mineralshack mineral foundation with contouring on red head
Foundation, Contouring and blush

mineralshack mineral foundation full makeup look
Finished full face

Final Thoughts

I was completely shocked at the quality of this foundation considering the price, it gave the right amount of glow that I like from a mineral foundation as well as the coverage that I wanted.  I’d recommend making sure that you have fully, fully moisturised and primed skin though before applying to help prevent it drying towards the end of the day.

I will definitely be purchasing this again as well as trying some of the other products in their range.  This is great for those on a budget looking for an alternative to Bare Minerals original foundation.  I wouldn’t recommend this foundation if you already have very dry skin as you won’t get quite as good finish.  I have to say I didn’t really like the look with just the foundation on its own.  One of the benefits I’ve noticed with Bare Minerals original foundation is that I can just wear the foundation alone and it still looks quite good.  But whilst I’m on a budget I think this is the best cheaper alternative I’ve found.

Do you like mineral foundation too?  If so let me know what’s your current favourite below!  Keep an eye out for my Lily Lolo mineral foundation review coming soon.

You can currently purchase Mineralshack foundation on eBay here.  Or they do have their own website available.  Prices displayed in blog were correct at time of publishing.  None of the links are affiliate and I purchased these products to test myself.






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