The Glam & Geeky Mum blog

Thanks for stopping by and welcome to my blog, I’m Nikki a ginger and a married mum of 3 and step mum of 2. After being told so many times to set up a blog I decided to, despite a severe lack of time on my hands.  I decided to go ahead and do it anyway because I like a challenge!  I’ve now been blogging for 6 months.  Blogging about family life and everything I love, as well as some reviews.

 Head to my blog section to find posts about;
  • How to have fun with a family of 7
  • Kids and family technology
  • Makeup and skin care
  • Finding new ways budget including my favourite hobby comping
  • Frozen lime margaritas

Ok so maybe not so much about the margaritas (even though i really like them!) Check out the about page to learn more about me and our family of 7, our have a look at my current favourite blog post.

want to work with me?

I’ve found blogging to be a very cathartic practice.  It allows me to have dedicated time to be myself, as opposed to taking on the role of Mum or carer constantly.  Although the blog is very much for my my own personal enjoyment as a family we are very happy to work with brands and review anything that fits in with our lifestyles!  If you feel we would could work with your brand please get in touch on twitter, my facebook page or by filling out the contact form.